Shayndel Plotkin
Executive Director, Liumi, Inc.

HaShem is the WIFI out?

HaShem is the WIFI out?

HaShem – when will it be back on?

I can’t believe it’s the turn of the year

It seems as if time stood still

We were sitting outside in the sukkah

We ate and drank and sang songs of faith and hope and recognized the miracles of HaShem.

We gathered with family with friends and with new friends some Jewish some not Jewish but all smiling and gathering and simply enjoying the gifts that hashem has given us. That was sukkot and then….

Then it stopped. Time just froze.

It just stopped. We just sat and stared and stood and the world just stayed like a movie reel stuck on a screen frozen.

It is like a page in a book never to be turned.

Is the wifi out? Is the wifi out?

That’s what we say in our home (or yell) when there is just a stand still screen in front of us. Just an image that won’t move or sway or show any signs of life.

Just frozen.

And we wait sometimes for what seems like forever. And we wait and then we get frustrated with the wifi. With the screen with the TV etc…

We get frustrated that we are paused indefinitely. We are at a stop. With no way of moving forward.

Sometimes We walk away and get busy doing something else. There is always something else to do. But not now. Now There is nothing else to do. But wait.

But live and exist in the pause of a screen not moving forward, of a scene not coming to an end, of a book without a conclusion. No final chapter that we can close and start something, start anything new.

HaShem, Is the WIFI out?

We just Stare ahead at the silent still screen. Wishing it would move to the next scene to the moment to the next page, to the next chapter. The chapter where it all comes to a breathtaking climax and to an end.

When it comes to a fulfilling resolution. To the part when you know the story has a happy ending. And you can let out a deep breath and move forward.

But we can’t do that. We just wait. Staring ahead at the silent still frozen screen.

No resolution. No happy ending.

HaShem, Is the WIFI out?

HaShem, When will it be back on?

Shayndel Plotkin, MJEd
Founder and Director, Liumi West Retreat

About the Author
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Liumi West Retreat. As a teacher, writer, and facilitator of Jewish educational seminars and curriculum, Shayndel Plotkin is passionate about working with women, children, and families to help them grow and develop – spiritually and personally. Her background in the Jewish community, Jewish education, and Israel advocacy began in the South Florida community more than twenty years ago as a writer for the Jewish press, and then as the Israel Experience Director for the Commission for Jewish Education. She has recently been certified as a female farmer in the state of Florida. Shayndel is a writer of novels, children's stories, a professional memoirist, and writer for several international magazines. She holds a Master of Arts in Jewish Education from the Pardes Institute and Hebrew College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications from Florida State University. Shayndel is a graduate of Midreshet Rachel Seminary in Jerusalem, where she studied Jewish texts and philosophy for three years. Shayndel is married to Rabbi Baruch Plotkin and together they have seven children.
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