Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer



Hated from the very beginning

Hated from the dawn of time

Hated from your first breath 

Hated without having committed a crime

Hated simply for the sake of hating

Hated because you appear to shine

Hated because it is trending

Hated for your beliefs in the Divine  

Hated by those who will never meet you

Hated with a burning passion by Satan’s followers

Hated for absolutely no reason

Hated and it is growing over time

Hated because you are you

Hated for being a Jew

About the Author
I've been writing since I can remember in both my native tongues, English and Hebrew. After graduating with honors from TAU having studied English Literature, Theater and Art Theory as well as receiving an MFA in Script Writing my next step was to delve into the writing world. Since then, I've had over 2,000 articles published online and have worked as a freelancer or a full-time employee with leading companies, including Mako, Saloona, Onlife,, Viber, Crazy Labs, Biogal, Yehoshua TBWA, Cellosite, SysAid, and more.
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