Melanie Landau
Melanie Landau

HaYom Harat Ha’olam — The Birthday of the World

I saw rays of sun peeking through the mist over a valley of vineyards. I smelt figs. I saw berries and wild apples. I saw a wild boar. I picked up a beautiful spike from a local porcupine. I saw schools of what looked like falcons beginning a slightly early migratory path. I gathered a posy of things that grow in the dry- of pine needles, of aniseed, some other little pale pink buds.

I put my feet on the ground. I saw a blazing sunset. I saw stars.

I saw large grape leaves and a valley of almond trees. I saw a  Song Bird drinking nectar from an orange flower. I saw many eating bright purple figs. I saw figs burst open hanging off the tree. I smelt the dew in the morning. I smelt the sweetness that only comes out at night. I bowed before the ancient olive trees.

The cool air. The warm sun.

This was all yesterday. This world you give us so many gifts.

Please hold our feet as we walk upon your holy ground.

Let the judgements of our minds fold gently.

Let the mourning of our hearts be the compost to grow our yearning.

What work do we need to do that removes the obstacles to seeing you, to feeling you, to letting ourselves be most deeply nourished by you?

Let our time with you be most deeply nourishing and sustaining.

Through rejoicing in you, we are all renewed and rejuvenated.

The simple beauty of so many moments.

About the Author
Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Rabba Dr Melanie Landau has 20 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups in transformative processes.and cultivating the sacred. She is committed to the creativity and vitality of a living breathing expansive Torah. She has specialisations in deep listening, conflict transformation, embodied awareness and thriving with complex trauma in particular transforming relational wounds and addictive patterns. She can be reached on:
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