Hear, O non-Israel !

For the next 84 seconds, listen and hear.  (On iPhone, to play audio, click on the 00:00, bottom of article)

Let me spell it out ……

6am, 2nd August 2014, Herzelia, Israel

The “waaah” – Sirens, warning Israeli citizens that Hamas launched rockets are already in the air.

The “woosh” – 20 consecutive seconds of Israel’s Iron Dome defence system launching, to intercept rockets launched from Gaza. (Sounds a bit close, eh?)

The “waaah” – You know, now.

The “silence” – A false sense of security.

The “booms” – The “woosh” intercepting 5 rockets from Gaza, directly above Tel-Aviv.

Start to end: 60 to 90 seconds in Herzelia and Tel-Aviv, 15 to 30 seconds in Ashdod and Ashkelon. What would you do in that 15 seconds?

If you still think Israel should do nothing, close your eyes, imagine you were hearing this from your own living room, listen again, and then decide.


About the Author
Originally from England, Stuart Ballan moved to Israel in 1997. He has over 25 years business and B2B sales experience working in companies of every size, including his own. Stuart holds an MBA from the Kellogg-Recanati Executive MBA program and has been the President of the Kellogg-Recanati Alumni Club since 2002. To balance life, Stuart writes and publishes children’s books, with his first book selling 10,000 copies, here in Israel, and is a keen cyclist. He is passionate about how his first book, "Who Invented Vegetables?", as part of a bigger plan, can help young children to eat better, thereby reducing the overweight and obesity epidemic that is now rampant.
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