Heartfelt Challenges

(Photo Credit: Andy  Blumenthal)
(Photo Credit: Andy  Blumenthal)

Over the holidays, I have had a chance to think about the heart condition which I have. It causes the heart to beat out of rhythm. This results in my being out of breath and some occasional fatigue (despite my rigorous exercise and work hard style).

I tried medicine, it didn’t work. I tried shock to the heart, it worked on the 3rd try, but in short order, it reverted back to being out of rhythm. Now I am up to the next procedure which involves trying to burn/freeze it out by creating scar tissue in the areas that are causing the abnormal heart rhythm. It has a 75% success rate for 5-7 years, but also 2% have severe complications. Based on my understanding, I think I have to go forward with the procedure.

It’s only been 3-4 years since I have both of my hips replaced, and other issues. However, I need to be strong inside and forever have faith that all is for the good. I know there are certainly much worse things, but this is one of my challenges.

Over time, what I’ve learned is that what is really important in life is not money, honor, power, or pleasure, but the simple things of family, community, faith, caring, giving, and generally trying your best in all circumstances. Every day is a chance to keep learning.

I deeply feel that G-d put me here, and like everyone else, I will be here as long as he wants–I understand that I live by his grace and will serve him. My mouth will sing his praise and my heart will dance for He sustains me.

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