If anyone wants to know about Hillary Clinton, they should take a look at the cover of her best-seller, “The Book of Gutsy Women.”

Four women hold a fire hose directing a rushing stream of water.

That is Hillary Clinton.

(At least one side of her.)

She celebrates neither the cardiac nor neurological systems or a combination of the two, but the heartless and mindless digestive system.

What is a “gutsy woman,” anyway?

To Hillary and women like her, to be gutsy is to present oneself as a Bizarro imitation of a cliched man while reserving to the right to be a perpetually aggrieved victim of gender discrimination.

America first became aware of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the spouse of then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton. Clinton had charisma and ability to connect with his audience. Hillary was abrasive, artificial and arrogant.

She was a chameleon.

During Bill’s second Arkansas gubernatorial campaign, she had dropped the name “Rodham” as her sole surname. She realized that it didn’t play well with the voters.

After the national election, she took it back as a middle name.

That’s not all she took back.

She also abandoned the blowout and be-suited pose and showed up in black tights and a headband.

The scandals about Hillary, including Whitewater, the deaths of many people close to her, came fast and furious. She attacked her critics and raised claims of conspiracy.

One day she was from Michigan, then Arkansas, then New York. She switched positions (and accents) as needed. She was the president of her college’s Young Republicans then became an ardent Democrat. She was against gay marriage, then she was for it.

In 2001, she ran for the United States Senate from New York.

JFK, Jr., who people had touted as a possible candidate, died in a plane crash and Hillary sailed right in.

She had a less than distinguished career in her eight years in the Senate. She sponsored 31 pieces of legislation. Fourteen of her Senate resolutions involved Senate policy or commemorative questions. (Wikipedia)

Then came her stint as Secretary of State under Obama. She re-adopted Hillary Rodham Clinton. She signed a Memorandum of Understanding promising to avoid conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation.

Nevertheless, to much criticism, the Foundation spearheaded the distribution of the vast sums donated following devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake.

The Clinton Foundation’s solicitation of funds from multiple other foreign countries and entities was the subject of “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer.

Hillary ran for president in 2016 (as Hillary Clinton). News of her private email server while Secretary of State became public. She then destroyed 33,000 emails. She said they were private. She rebranded a number the people close to her as her “attorneys”, thereby according them “attorney-client privilege from disclosure of confidential communications”. The Department of Justice gave four of them immunity from prosecution as well.

Now, Special Counsel John Durham has filed a bombshell (there is no other word) report in the ongoing Michael Sussman (he brought the fake ten million dollar dossier to the FBI and denied he was her campaign’s lawyer, then billed the campaign)’s criminal case, stating that there is evidence that Hillary’s campaign tapped Trump’s headquarters and later White House office.

John Ratcliffe, former Director of National Intelligence has said that John Brennan, former head of the CIA knew what they had had done and advised both Obama and Biden.

As of February 14, four days after Durham’s filing, the New York Times, the Washington Post and several mainstream networks have not published a word about Durham’s report.

Trump says the reason the media has ignored it is that they are “corrupt and shameless”.

Her Twitter account has gone radio silent.

Her 31.1 million Twitter followers will just have to fend for themselves.

Sometimes Clint Eastwood wears a walrus mustache. 

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