Herzog is playing a game where nobody wins

How frightening it is that Yizhak Herzog, the leader of the Israeli Labor party and of the opposition at large in the Knesset analyzes and approaches the Iran nuclear crisis with such naïveté.

Israelis have always known that should their party of choice lose the election, they could still depend on the party at the helm to fully comprehend existential threats.

Not so in this case.

If Herzog should win, I imagine atheists turning to God out of last resort desperation.

In a major state of denial, Yizhak Herzog is entirely unwilling to accept that not only does Obama NOT see himself as an ally of Israel, but has in fact abandoned Israel, doing everything in his power to undermine US and Israel relations.

To trust such a president with Israel’s survival in the face of a nuclear Iran, a president that betrayed long time US ally, President of Egypt Mubarak in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, a president that has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the US government from surrounding himself with advisors connected to the MB to appointing them to high level positions in Homeland Security, a president who from his very first speech in Cairo defined his sympathies favoring Islamists,
is nothing less than insane.

Dirty politics during election time is never a surprise, but Herzog is playing stab-in-the-back politics. And in this game, nobody wins.

Yizhak Herzog accuses Prime Minister Netanyahu of playing partisan politics in the US government when for years Netanyahu has been warning not only the US but the entire world about the ramifications of Iran going nuclear.

Bibi isn’t playing games with Israel’s survival.

It’s now down to zero hour and Netanyahu recognizes all too well that there is no US president to appeal to. Obama is wasting no time or effort in his attempt to discredit Binyamin Netanyahu so that he can ram through an agreement with Iran that will be devastating not only for Israel, but for the world at large.

Herzog and his leftist followers, in what can only be described as stab-in-the-back politics, have jumped on Obama’s bandwagon, doing his bidding, calling Bibi a fear mongerer and attacking him for accepting an invitation to speak to Congress.

The Iran nuclear threat is an existential issue over which all of Israel, left, center and right must unite on and back Netanyahu’s efforts in eliminating the threat. This is not a political game.

Ignoring logic, ignoring facts, ignoring the zero hour danger we are facing, and with a total disregard for what is moral, Herzog is turning his back on his country as he is determined to risk everything just to win an election.

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