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Jonathan Ferguson
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Hodge Comparisons: A New Frontier in Legitimate Antisemitism (Part II)

Last time, I introduced the Hodge Comparisons Twitter hate campaign.
I just checked Twitter now, to see what was happening.
How much mileage is there in this hashtag?

That’s two within the past five hours.
Say what you like about these boys…
You can’t fault ’em for commitment!
Here we have a self-consciously ‘witty’ jibe from edgy-ish level 1 Twitter egg Paul…
With a grand total of one follower!
Glad someone got the sympathy vote, anyway.
A slightly more renowned and successful Level 1.1 Twitter egg, John, has as many as 800 followers…
Not bad for someone who has tweeted a mere 61 700 times or so.
You have to admire the persistence…
Nice cutesy little Twittersmile by the way!
Disarmingly twee.
Oh and he knows ONE Jew who actually agrees with him.
Excellent stuff!
The fun continues with a self-appointed ‘serial enterpreneur.’
What’s a serial enterpreneur? Is it like a serial killer, only more socially acceptable to radical ideologues?

By the way, I strongly recommend Wee Al learns a bit about who the real Alexis de Tocqueville was. He seems to be a little bit confused.
In brighter news, Simon Myerson QC provides a voice of sanity in a pretty highly-ranked tweet:

Another Twitter user makes a probing appeal to the conscience of Labour supporters.

And there’s some evocative use of language here from Phil Woodford:

Well, “the true flotsam and jetsam that washed up with the Jez tsunami of sewage” pretty hits the nail on the head.
Unfortunately, however, this update will be just like the last one.
There is no happy ending in sight.

Are all the people sarcastically weaponising ‘Hodge Comparisons’ antisemitic?
Quite possibly not.
But the hashtag is clearly objectively antisemitic, regardless of the intent of those who dare to use it, as though they had somehow taken leave of their senses.
So they ought not to use it!
More brains required, less ideology.
The current LabourParty … is a MESS.

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