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Hollywood Impeaches Trump

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Impeachment of Donald Trump – at least in the House of Representatives – seems inevitable now.

Having failed for nearly three years to gain purchase with their “Russian Collusion” allegation, for having forced Robert Mueller to testify before Congress like a “Weekend At Bernie’s” (1989) parody, The Democrats have now decided to use the ultimate theatrical prop, Vlodymyr Zelensky, President of the Ukraine, former actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer and – oh, yes – politician, as their latest foil.

Zelensky, who, everybody knows, was featured in the Ukrainian iteration of Dancing With The Stars, would naturally fall into a conspiratorial plot with Donald Trump to help him undermine Joe Biden, who temporarily appears to be his primary opponent in the 2020 election, because, should Trump lose, there is a very good opportunity that Zelensky could become the host of the Ukrainian iteration of The Apprentice, a role for which he is clearly auditioning.

But wait!

There are other thespians lurking in the theater wings who cannot resist the magnetic pull of the klieg lights, the opportunity to preen and pontificate before every available camera or sympathetic cable news show.

I’m sure it’s a matter of pure coincidence, but these pretenders all seem to have uncanny links to California – home to the most handsome, charismatic, confederate governor in America, Gavin Newsome, whose only thematic purpose is to oppose the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

Home to Nancy Pelosi, the greatest living testament to the powers of Botox, who railed against Republicans when they sought the impeachment of Bill Clinton, who used the Oval Office like Jeffrey Epstein used the Virgin Islands, saying they were “paralyzed with hatred”.

Home to Rep. Ted Lieu who characterized Hunter Biden’s shady relationship with an energy company under scrutiny by a “corrupt” Ukrainian prosecutor as, “People sit on boards and they get monetary payments…so this is just made up.”

Home to Rep. Eric Swalwell, one of the architects of the Russian Conspiracy, who told Chris Matthews from the ever-reliable MSNBC on January 19, 2019, that Trump is “working on behalf of the Russians, yes.” But now he appears to be working on behalf of the Ukrainians whose country was invaded by Russians. “When you ask someone for a favor,” he says ominously, “you owe them something.”

So, does he owe Putin something? Does he owe Zelensky something? Is he that freakin’ daft that he would owe the Russians AND the Ukrainians something? Of course he would. He’s a blathering idiot and he can’t keep track of what he owes to whom. That from the Eric Swalwell who had the hubris to think that anyone would vote for him to be President of the United States of America. Suffice it to say, he was one of the first to plunge from the race. This guy cannot string together two cohesive thoughts into a single expression that makes any rational sense.

Home to the most wretched, repugnant, hateful, partisan in this hemisphere: Adam Schiff, titular and temporary Chair of the House “Intelligence” Committee. Except there is nothing intelligent about it. He runs this committee like the circus the entire Democrat Party has become: bereft of any content intended to improve the life of average Americans, “overseeing” nothing of consequence like why a counterintelligence investigation was launched into the Trump campaign based upon a meeting in a bar between an intelligence operative based in Malta and a minor foreign policy figure with connections to Israel.

He is the embodiment of the New Democrat Party – without substance or policy, eternally on the attack against his ideologic opponents, vainly combing the weeds in search of conspiracies, lacking in any substantial tethers to the Earth’s surface or reality. Please see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jerry Nadler, Richard Blumenthal, the Reverend Al Sharpton and many others for reference.

Adam Schiff sits in his Chair and “parodies” the telephone conversation between Trump and Zelensky as if he was summarizing a millennial’s version of a Scorcese screenplay. Simplistic, melodramatic and baring no resemblance to the actual sequence of events. His rendition was farcical, his facial expression (such as it is) betrayed his embarrassment and his cover up worse than anything he’s accused of Trump.

It might be more difficult to challenge the assertion of the Democrat Impeachment Faction on this Ukrainian phone call were it not being led by the same protagonists who have been hounding him for years.

It might be more difficult to challenge the assertion of the Democrat Impeachment Faction if it was a bit less obvious that the rush to judgment was being led by The Squad or Rep. Al Green from his crime-laden Houston district or Rep. Elijah Cummings from the murder capital of America, Baltimore, or others whose districts share equally alarming characteristics.

The shouts of Impeachment are being raised by those legislators who refuse to acknowledge the failures of their ability to bring about legislative change to their districts; who refuse to work with the President to try to deliver some sense of hope and deliverance to their constituents because they don’t want to give him a “win”; who want to drape of curtain of racism and white nationalism over the President and his supporters to disguise the decades of failure their Progressivism has produced for their districts; and, most importantly, to ensure that their records are not challenged as they raise money from the faithful as they campaign for their re-election in 2020.

The Democrats and the sycophantic Press love to proclaim in unison: “No one is above is the law,” when explaining their rationale for pursuing impeachment. Somehow, I think our Attorney General, who the Speaker of the House claims is running a “rogue” Justice Department, will soon turn this phrase into a powerful new screenplay.

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