Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

How Can I Overcome Stress Quickly?

The best way to overcome stress is to deal with it in a group setting.

When we are parts of a supportive and encouraging group that immediately starts discussing the cause of the stress and how to work with it, offering empathy and advice, we can then overcome the stress.

That is the only real solution to stress because it is indeed a solution. It is not merely an escape, nor is it a means of postponing the stress for later, but it is a way of working together with others on building understanding, awareness and an approach directly in relation to the cause of the stress.

The group deliberation of the problem means that others understand the state of the person experiencing the stress, and they accordingly accept it upon themselves. If we raised a stressful circumstance in a supportive group discussion setting, then we come to understand that others accepted the problem upon themselves, which in turn provides us with the needed strength to overcome the stress.

Moreover, we then come to feel that we received the stressful state precisely in order to pass it over to others. By engaging in it together with others and repairing the cause of the stress, we strengthen the overall connection of the group. Likewise, all the group’s members gain from the resulting stronger connection.

We can compare such a group approach to solving stress similarly to how an infected bodily organ starts sending an alert, like an SOS, to its hosting body, which then instantly comes to its aid and takes it upon itself to compensate for the organ’s problem. By shifting the problem to the rest of the body, the individual organ gains the strength to restore its health, and the overall immunity of the body also increases. Such is the principle by which we can truly fix the cause of any stress.

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