How Can You Reduce The Cost Of Your Trip To Israel?

Despite popular belief, you definitely can travel to Israel while maintaining your budget. This will require proper planning beforehand and using the right strategies. It is very much possible for you to enjoy all of the culture, food, and entertainment Israel has to offer without having to blow your savings or go into debt.

A generally universally accepted piece of traveling advice is to travel during the off-season. This is generally applicable regardless of where you intend to travel and it will always save you money. Off-season traveling will allow you to travel with cheaper airfare and accommodations while enjoying the same attractions and sights because Israel’s attractions do not close down during the winter months. In regards to booking your plane ticket, you should double check to ensure it does not coincide with an Israeli national holiday because the prices for your airfare and hotels will be much higher if you choose to visit during a holiday. In addition, the attractions will most likely be more crowded too. If you plan to visit surrounding regions, it may be cheaper for you to fly through Ramon Airport. Ramon Airport is due to open in early 2019 and will be used much like Ryanair.

If you stay in a hostel or rent accommodations through Airbnb, you may have the option to cook your own food during your stay. The cost of food is very cheap in Israel, particularly for fruits and vegetables. This will help prevent you from eating out at fancier or pricier restaurants for all of your meals. If your accommodations do not offer a kitchen, you can always dine on street food. Israel has amazing street food, and you can fill up for less than 10 euros a meal. If you’re vegetarian or vegan there are many options available for you to choose from. You will be happy to find that many dishes are free of meat or animal products.

Taxis are also a great option for you when traveling in Israel, but the local public transportation system is another good option you should consider. However, buses and trains do not run from Friday afternoon through Saturday night, it is important to keep this in mind. If you do take a cab, do not try to negotiate. Tell the driver ‘on the meter.’ Some cab drivers have been known to charge tourists three to four times the meter price.

If all else fails, you can always rely on your own two feet. Many cities in Israel are fine for walking, and you’ll get the chance to slow down and really take in the scenery around you. You can definitely explore Israel’s attractions on your own, but understanding the history and the stories behind these attractions is also very important. It is important that you carry a book about Israeli history and landmarks in your bag or even consider hiring a guide who will be able to share with you information that you probably will never learn from a book. You can choose to book a private guide, or you can join a guided group tour, there are many options available for you to choose from. There are budget-friendly tours available as well so you can stay within your budget while learning about Israel’s rich history.

All the best with your trip to Israel. Preparation is key when traveling to anyplace on a budget. It may be difficult to adequately prepare for your first trip overseas on a budget, but with experience, you will be able to keep your budget with ease.

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