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How many innocent civilians are in Gaza?

We keep talking about “innocent civilians” as if the Gaza Strip is ruled over by some minuscule percentage of the population who have totalitarian control over the 90%+ that want a Western democracy.

What makes you think any of that is true?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Why are there currently pro-Hamas protests in the West? We are bombarded by videos from the West of supporters of Hamas. In places like France and Germany, where such protests were banned, they still happened by the thousands. Do you think Hamas is forcing their attendance remotely from Gaza? You do realize that these are protests AFTER the pictures and videos and testimony of Hamas agents has come out that they purposely targeted children and babies. It does not dissuade them.

Do you know of a pro-coexistence organization that is run by, or has a significant membership of ex-Gazans?

When Iranians get out of Iran, they often turn against the Iranian regime. They protest against it. They have television and other media covering how horrible it is. They joined Jews in places like Amsterdam to protest against Hamas, who is beloved by the Iranian regime. Can you name a protest by former Gazans against the Hamas atrocities last week? I’ll wait.

Is the answer to the previous question because Gazans are stuck and can’t get out?

It’s not easy to get out – because there are few countries to take them, but they do. This article talks about 15,000 COMING BACK to Gaza for the holiday Eid al-Adha.

Is there opposition to Hamas in Gaza? YES. But the opposition is from Islamic Jihad, Fatah (the PLO) and the PFLP (People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Do they want peaceful coexistence? No. They argue Hamas does not do enough to kill Jews. They often work together in the Joint Command, but sometimes fight and kill each other.

If they had free and fair elections would a peaceful candidate win?

We actually know the answer to this, because they had them. In 2006, they elected Hamas in the Gaza Strip. No hanging chads, no Dominion voting machines, no 2000 mules. The elections were undisputed. Through coalition maneuvering, they actually formed the government of the Palestinian Legislature, but coups happened and Hamas walked away with only control in Gaza.

The ONE non-violent party in that original election only polled at 10% at its height.

To this day the student government at Birzeit University in Samaria (a.k.a. the West Bank) is the main political battleground for “Palestinian” Arabs and the three parties that take all the seats are the terrorist organizations Fatah, Hamas and PFLP

But if they had good conditions: money, freedom of movement, a nice apartment, wouldn’t they be happy to coexist with Israel?

In a recent poll, only 25% of Israeli Arabs – those with full citizenship – would fight on Israel’s side in a future war against an Arab state! 23% of them would fight with the Arab state. These are people who have all of the above. They live in “Green Line” Israel. They get Israeli university degrees – sometimes with extra “affirmative action” help – and hold every possible job. They vote and run for the Knesset, but they often elect terrorists, like Yasser Arafat’s adviser, Ahmed Tibi.

Why is it that no other country will take them on humanitarian grounds?

All these civilians are in harm’s way and Israel has stated – and meant it – that it doesn’t really want to hurt them. All of these countries are pressuring Israel to let in humanitarian aid! Avert a crisis! Egypt, Jordan, the US, Russia, China. So why don’t they take them? Egypt shares a border with Gaza. After the Six-Day War, Israel offered Egypt the land back (they had controlled it before). Egypt refused. This week, Egypt erected a large stone wall and built an embankment outside the Rafiah crossing to make sure they don’t get in. They’ve even prevented those with other citizenship out. The US continues to lecture Israel, but has two warships sitting right near Israel’s coast.

Is it that those countries don’t believe there are any innocent civilians in Gaza?

* * *

Torah side-note: When Abraham argues with G-d to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, he first posits there must be 50 righteous people there – innocent civilians. G-d tells him there aren’t. He works his way all the way down and it turns out there’s only one. The Torah is telling you it can happen.

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Reuven (sometimes Bobby) came from a mixed Jewish-Christian background. He became ba'al teshuva (Jewishly observant) in his 20s with the intention of making aliyah, which didn't happen until his 40s. His daughter, Shani, also blogs and serves in the IDF as a medic. She was a lone soldier until her parents made aliyah in 2017.
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