Katie Clift
International Public Relations Consultant

How much content is too much content?

This is an age-old question asked by PR and marketing teams across companies throughout Israel every week – how much content is too much content for a company to be promoting and publishing?

Should we post on social media once, or up to three times a day? Is one blog post every week too many? How many press releases can I send per month before journalists feel overloaded?

In my view? You can never really publish too much content. And there’s a solid reason why.

Whatever industry your company or startup is established in, there is a need for you to produce content. You should be publishing content to promote your company’s messages, products and services, to establish great public relations and to broaden the awareness of your company in the public and the media.

What many companies in Israel don’t realise, however – is that all of that content should be produced and published on multiple platforms.

Often, organisations can dive too deep and focus all their editorial and media effort on only one or two content platforms – across their owned media (their website, social media profiles and blogs) or earned media (sending media releases, press statements, or writing opinion pieces or feature articles).

Broadening our content platforms gives us greater permission to publish more valuable information for our audiences – and to tailor our editorials and content to best suit our different audience’s needs. When we have multiple content platforms, we can publish as much content as we want or need – because we’re not overloading just one channel.

When I create campaigns – I focus on an infiltration and multi-content-platform approach. Companies should issue press releases to the media, publish blogs online, tailor exclusive opinion pieces to separate media outlets that they can repurpose on their social media channels, invest in radio and podcast interview opportunities, and pitch for TV appearances – all at the same time.

When you begin creating content for more and more channels – you will reach more and more people and your company has the opportunity to make a far greater impact. Part of public relations is getting your audience to ‘like, know and trust you’ – and a great strategy to sure-up that trust is to infiltrate as many content channels as you can – so the public sees, hears and reads about your brand and company – in different ways and from different perspectives – constantly.

If you’re executing an international public relations strategy – this advice is even more important. Within each geographical market, there are endless platforms for you to publish different types of content – all related to your company and cause.

How much content is too much content? To answer it simply – I don’t think enough companies are producing enough content across enough channels.

My advice is to diversify, infiltrate and produce content as often as you can – in as many places as you can – for maximum effectiveness and brand awareness.

Katie specialises in International PR for Israeli Startups in the English language, delivering media campaigns in Australia, Europe, the US & Israel. Katie is based in Greece to execute campaigns for maximum global effectiveness. Follow her at katieclift.com or @katieclift.

About the Author
Katie Clift is Director of Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd - an International PR Expert specialising in local & global campaigns across all industries. With more than a decade of experience in local and international PR, Katie moved from Australia to Athens in 2017. Her company engages clients around the world, across all industries (from start-ups and entrepreneurs to global construction and manufacturing, health, lifestyle, medical, travel, tech and NGO's). She is also proudly an International PR Specialist with Asset Ogilvy Public Relations. For just one organisation alone, Katie led a media and public relations team to achieve more than 8000 feature stories a year in print, broadcast, and online media, including 120 front page newspaper stories - worth millions of dollars annually. Katie is a leading media and public relations commentator throughout Europe and Australia - her editorials are regularly featured in Mumbrella (Australia), PR Week (UK) and Times Of Israel (Global). She is also an in-demand podcast guest and conference speaker, presenting most recently at Engage Prague 2018 and the Union for International Cancer Control’s World Cancer Congress (Paris).
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