Elad Caplan

How much evil is Harvard willing to tolerate?

One of the mind-boggling and sickening things in the past few days is a letter signed by 33 student organizations in Harvard university blaming Israel for Hamas brutally murdering, mutilating and kidnapping its citizens, men, women and children.

They are actively supporting terrorism in the name of so called “Palestine solidarity.”

Just imagine ISIS terrorists pulled Harvard students out of their beds, shot them in the head, raped, mutilated, and dragged them to captivity. After which a group of student organizations in one of the leading academic institutions in the world justified their actions because of US intervention in the Middle East.

Seriously? “Palestine solidarity”???

FACT: No one has caused more Palestinian death and suffering than Hamas. Look it up. This terrorist organization, which has full control over Gaza, has starved and oppressed Palestinians in order to fund terrorism. They have built underground tunnels instead of hospitals, bought RPGs instead of much needed medication and rockets instead of welfare.

They don’t care about solidarity, only about hate and violence.

Many Palestinians have and will die as human shields for Hamas leaders. But they don’t care. For them, the more the better. They celebrate both the murder of Israeli families and the death of their fellow Palestinians, all in the name of gaining international support from people who have absolutely no understanding of the situation.

Supporting Hamas is not only supporting the murder of Israelis. It is also supporting the oppression of Palestinians, annihilation of the LGBT community, women’s rights, civil liberties and democracy. If Harvard is willing to tolerate having its name being used to support terrorism and antisemitism, the establishment needs to ask itself if it is willing to accept all the implications.

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Elad Caplan, an attorney, is the Director of the Memomadin Center for Jewish and Democratic Law at Bar-Ilan University
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