How to live Fitness everyday

When a lot of us think about exercising on a regular basis we say to ourselves ” If only I had the time” or my personal favorite ” I can’t afford to exercise it costs too much to join a gym”.

The truth is that you do have the time and you can afford it. Pretty bold statement since I may have never met you. So allow me to clarify. By thinking about being more active and finding ways to put it into practice you can burn calories and build muscle throughout the day in both the office, home and all spaces in between.

Use your body as your means of transportation

By walking to work even part way you can add anywhere to 15-30 min of cardio to your day. Find the time by either waking up 20 min earlier or staying 20 min later. It is worth it because you will find an immediate improvement to your day in terms of more energy and a nice adrenaline push into your workday.

Use the office to work out

There are many different exercises that can be done with either your own body weight or a nice solid wall. While you are at work take a 5 min break and find a nice non distracting private spot. I suggest either a less traveled stairwell, a roof, or maybe even an empty room.

Now all you have to do is put your hands up against a wall. Create a nice angle between you and the wall by taking a nice step back. Now simply push against the wall until your arms are fully extended. Lower yourself slowly and repeat. If you want to be more daring and aren’t worrying about sweating a little feel free to do an actual push up

Another easy move which doesn’t involve a lot of space is your basic squat. Lower your body as if you were about to sit in a chair. Remember to keep your shoulders back so as not to strain the lower back. If you are used to doing full squats then go for it. If you are not ready or you don’t want to push yourself too hard there is still a benefit to a half squat. Simply lower your body just low enough to engage your quadriceps (thighs). Once you feel that immediate tension straighten up your body and repeat.

In general feel free to do as many repetitions as you like. If you are new to fitness or exercising then you might want to shoot for ten repetitions. If you can’t do ten, don’t worry do as many as you can until you can build up to ten.

It’s important to remember that whatever fitness you add to your workday is already more then you were doing before so don’t stress out about how much you do. Just make sure it’s an exercise you enjoy.

Once you are home

Before you go to sleep take five to ten minutes to do some simple body movements followed by some light stretching. By stretching the muscles after a long day of using them you ensure muscle health and benefit from improved range of motion and performance.

By making Fitness part of your everyday you will find an increase in energy, flexibility, and muscle tone. The best part is that opportunity is around every corner. Quick! duck into the bathroom and do some squats!

For help getting started or if you want to take your routine to the next level check out my website or call Michael 054-625-0269. There is a program for everybody.

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About the Author
Michael Berezin made Aliyah from New York in 2003. He is a Fitness Trainer/ Fitness Therapist based out of the Jerusalem area. He works with everyone from Pre Army age to Older Adults.
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