How to Topple the Islamofascist Regime

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Toppling the Islamofascist Regime with Empty Hands?

The crimes committed by the ruling Islamists in Iran against Israel are equivalent to the same crimes that the regime has brought upon the people of Iran over the past forty years. First, the regime of Iran is a discriminatory regime towards Iranian citizens. The same applies to Israel and the regime’s antisemitism. Secondly, the Iranian regime is a follower of Palestinian movements, which, on the one hand, are hostile to Iranians and on the other hand to Israel.

Nevertheless, the Palestinian movements are not necessarily in the mood for religious sentiment; rather, they are after land, towns and villages. But the terrorist Islamist regime has a dream of creating a battlefield for Islam. In addition, Palestinian leaders usually distance themselves from anti-Semitic groups. But the Tehran regime is openly anti-Semitic and supports anti-Semitic movements and groups in the West.

To protect the security of its citizens, Israel on its own has so far been able to cope with the threats of the Iranian regime and succeeded in creating a regional and global consensus against the Islamist regime that even includes China and Russia. The result of such all-encompassing efforts is the quagmire of the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in the region. But how does Israel manage to pull that magnificent act? The most important factor behind these astonishing Israeli moves is the emphasis of the country’s politicians on the “realities on the ground”.

Israel very well knows that the Iranian regime is a murderous and criminal regime that creates that dreams of creating the “Fourth Reich,” not only in the Middle East but also all around the world. And this is the core of Khomeini’s ideology that was institutionalized in his apocalyptic Shi’a doctrine. That is what Israel knows exactly cannot be ignored or negotiated; and that the only solution to it is to eliminate the war machine of the regime of “Führers.”

It is based on such insistence on bitter realities that Israel is not deceived, does not declare war when provoked, and at the same time hangs the images of Israeli military victories on the gates and walls not in bedrooms, and ultimately advances the Israeli political school everywhere and in all walks of life. Israel does not say: “Those who want war are a separate folk.” It says: “Any threat towards the Jews or invasion of their homeland will have a shattering response.

No one in their right mind would advocate for war. But what if the execution, assault and rape around the world necessitated war? That some in the West, sheltering under the military protection of the democratic and liberal world, frighten the people under the fascists and Islamists in the Middle East of the danger of an “unwanted war” does not cover the fact that these fascists are the number one warmongers themselves.

How is it that the lives of Israeli civilians should be protected with advanced weapons against the antisemitism of the Islamofascist regime, but protecting the lives of millions of captive Iranians should have no solid backing? How should the Iranian people fight and defeat this evil regime? By “civil resistance” with empty hands? By taking a plastic bottle of water in hand? Or by blowing the winds? The use of firearms is not in the power of ordinary people, either. So what should be done?

The truth is, as things stand, neither the Iranian people have the power and ability to mount an armed struggle against the common enemy of Iranians and Jews and the West, nor is their closest friend and ally, Israel, willing to refrain from supporting them with military force against the brutal regime. The plight that has engulfed Iran for forty years is not only the plight of the people of Iran; the people of Israel have also been mired in this plight since the beginning.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.
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