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I am glad we are strong

I am glad we are strong,

I haven’t written much since I’ve been back to Israel.
Took some time to adjust I guess.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the devils advocate for the leftist views in Israel which was quite pleasurable. After a month or more in Europe where I felt the legitimacy of the country itself and not its policies were being attacked. Here without needing to defend anything, I am a pro peace, a dove if you might call it that.

As I tuck my kids to sleep in the bomb shelters after seeing two successful downing of rockets from my terrace and hearing rumours from my military friends that its going to be a tough night. Five rockets from the North have also fallen. I lay and I fear for the lives of Gaza’s kids.

I see the pictures of the 4 year old Israeli Daniel Tregerman, killed in the south by what a lot of Europeans and specially critiques of Israel, like to call “harmless firecrackers” and I fear for more kids that will not have time to run to the bomb shelters. Or worse on the other side do not have bomb shelters cause their “government” doesn’t think protecting them is a priority.

In an alternate universe Daniel would be playing with Muhammad or Abdel from Gaza. In this universe they are dead.

I fear for them cause we are strong. I am glad because we are the strong one.

Around us the middle east is experiencing a violence unfamiliar even to this troubled region. A violence we could compare to the African countries we choose not to see. Rwanda, Kongo, Syria, Iraq. No difference.

Genocides, massacres, Holocaust all those words the Palestinians like to throw around when Israel is concerned now all of a sudden are actually on their mark. There is a genocide across the border, and the perpetrators are creeping closer. Today I saw the Islamic States flags in Jordan. Syria has almost 200000 dead and we hear stories of forced conversions, crucifixions, women and children being buried alive or sold as sex slaves, and I am glad we are strong.

I am not comparing Hamas or IS, although I probably could draw less distinctions than similarities, but one thing remains the ideology is hatred, the message is war, and although I personally will advocate all the ways we in Israel should be seeking peace, in the end.

I am glad we are strong.

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Amiram Eini is a multimedia artist. He is featured with his music widely and is performing and exhibiting internationally.
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