I Am Here

It creeps upon me and expands
Inside my heart.
I shiver,
An enclave of sorrow.
These tears for the countless lives
That haven’t received your worthless attention.

I will wear black.

Because I do not feel loved

Because I do not feel protected

Because I do not feel wanted

I am nothing more than your oldest hatred,
My blood means nothing to you.
You speak of peace, of equality
Yet where were you on that day
And countless days after?

You are nothing more than a bias machine,
A unit of indispensable blindness,
With a dash of stupidity.

‘Never again’-
A mere bumper sticker
On your forgotten past.

Do I want your diluted words?
Save it for those attacks you have harvested
As social media worthy.

Open your eyes, I am here.


About the Author
Devora Khafi grew up in Singapore and is currently a student at Queen Mary University of London. She specializes in issues regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as security threats to the region.
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