I do not believe in the tooth fairy but I do believe…

In response to what is being called a reversal of Netanyahu’s stance on a Palestinian state:

Netanyahu walks back his opposition to Palestinian statehood, but stresses world cannot impose terms on Israelis that endanger their security.

I believe that Netanyahu never stated at any point that he was walking away from negotiations with the Palestinians and the possibility of a Palestinian state. He did say the day before the elections that there would not be a Palestinian state ‘on his watch’ but did not say there will never be a Palestinian state. In comments Netanyahu has made over the past 24 hours he has clarified that he remains committed to Palestinian statehood – if conditions in the region improve.

“I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution. But for that circumstances have to change,” he told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

I believe that deep down, Netanyahu knows that sometime down the track (whether he likes it or not) there will be a two-state solution but not at this point in time under the current state of affairs with the PA/Abbas (and Obama) making all the demands and offering very little in return.

I believe Netanyahu is looking to re-enter negotiations with the PA but this will not happen if the starting point is with preconditions being set by Abbas (and others) as has been the case previously, and especially if there is talk of negotiations being based on the ’67 borders.

I believe that Netanyahu will be willing to restart negotiations with the Palestinians knowing that a resolution, an outcome, will not happen over the next four years but that possibly a staged process will be implemented with a final two-state solution coming about after a trial period of say five years which, if successful, would lead to the formal creation of a Palestinian state and that accordingly, this would happen ‘not on Netanyahu’s watch’, i.e. not during his newly elected four year term as PM.

I believe that for negotiations to restart Netanyahu will insist that Abbas/PA and Hamas be called upon to publicly declare a willingness to live in peace with the Jewish state of Israel and acknowledge the right of Israel to safe and secure borders. Furthermore, I believe Netanyahu will ask that such a declaration be made in English and Arabic simultaneously so that the same message is given to ALL audiences, the world in general and the Arab world. In addition, a request will be made for the charter/constitution of both the PA and Hamas to remove all references to the declared aim of destroying Israel and killing Jews.

I believe that Netanyahu will be willing to re-enter negotiations but only if he is able to contribute to the setting of the agenda including the points to be discussed and not be dictated to as to what is and what is not ‘on the table’ and what time frames are to be followed.

I believe that by clarifying his statement of no ‘Palestinian state on his watch’ is as much an attempt by Netanyahu to placate world opinion and explain his position as it is to sound out and get a sense of where likely coalition partners in a new government would stand if he is to recommence negotiations with the Palestinians and how far and how fast such negotiations should proceed should they restart.

I do not believe in the tooth fairy but I do believe that one day Arab and Israeli and people of all denominations be they Muslim, Christian or Jew will live in peace, harmony and coexistence in Israel and elsewhere.

I believe that in this day and age you need to have, belief, hope and faith.

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Past Chairman of the World Union of Jewish Students and former student activist in Australia. Currently working on writing his late father's timeline and experiences during and after the Shoah.
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