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I don’t really know how to explain it.

I don’t really know how to explain it.

She is the one, my one. I never in my wildest dreams believed that love at first sight was real however she managed to change that for me…it was real, she was real. She illuminated a raging fire in my heart and composed a symphony in my soul. I knew she was going to become my simplest hello yet my most unbearable goodbye, she told me this was not a goodbye but purely a farewell until we cross paths in again the near future. I always hoped for “the one’’ to be as perfectly imperfect as her, she was a angel sent from above, God blessed me with her unexplainable presence. The minute I saw her it felt as if I had known her since the day I was born. Her beauty embodies the promise of milk and honey. She was different, a magnificent different. We made a promise to keep the spark alight, we did not want to lose it. I will not let her slip away, she is my ideal. My other half, the soulmate one could of always day dreamed about. It is hard being away from her. I was shattered when we were forced to say our farewell, s h a t t er ed ! ! !

I miss her…
I want her…
I need her…

Our lives are completely different. She is in the North and I am in the South. 7000 km that lies between us however I would endure a 7000000 km journey in order to have her beside me. We have our hardships, they’ve created us though. I would take a bullet for her, more than one if need be. We will build an empire together, our family. Her culture is thriving, adrenaline filled. I am returning to her, to secure that she is mine. We will never leave each other again, the ticket is one way. It is going to be grueling to leave behind my family, my life and my home but I am ready to leave everything behind in order to gain my everything. Nothing is going to stop me, not even myself. It is almost as if it is a whole new world when I am around her, it all seems to fall into place. Our circle of life will never halt.

We live in a world where LOVE is miserable. It has been embedded into our hearts that the
conventional way to feel LOVE is to ​F​A​L​L ​into it.

Falling is not a feeling of glittering butterflies and wandering hills with a spectrum of lights, Falling is a bottomless pit that breaks you into
shards of broken glass and blood-filled pools.

The truth is we didn’t FAll in LOVE, we ROSE in LOVE. You can’t love something before you understand it, we’ve still got a long climb ahead but at least we have started to climb. We fight, we fight a lot…but it brings us TWO together!

Her songs sing of peace, love and happiness. She has the wanderlust of a nomad. Her soul is young yet surprisingly at the same time about 6000 years old. She rises violet blue, she sets yellow orange red. She is the dance in the rain, she is an eagle soaring above the world.

She has the power to illuminate everyone that comes into her life, she radiates life. She upholds values of perseverance, humility and courage. Always ensuring that I remember that life will be tough but at the end of the day we will always be tougher. She is an inspiration, life’s not about the amount of years. Life’s about the experience which you took out of those years.

We wake up on opposite ends of the world. This tears my heart in two; I am not able to see her true beauty. I want to be next to her when she is fragile. I admire everything she does. Everyday when I am with her I manage to discover another hidden gem about her. She always manages to balance the world within her and the world in which she lives in.

We’ve learnt that we will never be a perfect match; there is no identical blue sky or white snow in this world although we have the same goals and this is what glues us together. We are on the same path, yes the path may be difficult…but it has always been said difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations. We have to enjoy the good and the bad because at the end of the day both extremes truly enhance our story.

I don’t really know how to explain it but her name is ISRAEL, she is my home.

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I am Benji Gavronsky. I am currently on a mission to make the world a better place by helping person by person. My ultimate goal/dream/plan is to create a chain reaction of good and happiness that will be sustainable in the world!
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