I finally understand why the letter ‘P’ appeared in my ulpan class years ago


We had been on the Absorption Center known as the Merkaz Klita for more than 8 months and we were close to finding our new apartment in Neve Yaakov. Suddenly one morning a representative from the government who had been with us from the time we first arrived, takes a piece of chalk, and writes a large letter “P” on the blackboard and then with a large smile began to give us our Ulpan lesson for that day.

Of course, as many of you know already, Ulpan was established as a good way to introduce all new Olim to Israel by giving us a course in Hebrew at the level each new Oleh is comfortable with. But on this day, we were being introduced to a brand-new word that I had never heard of before.

The word started with the letter P and sounds about the same in English as it does in Hebrew. The word is Protecksia (I hope I am spelling it correctly). He explained that here in Israel there is such a concept that describes such a case when someone is looking for a new school for your child, for example, and is fortunate to know someone at that school who can help get that person accepted.

The Letter “P” Can Also Mean Many Other Things

Protection From Palestinian Terrorists

This short story is true because it happened to me. As I previously mentioned, I worked in the International Private Banking branch of Bank Leumi located on King David Street. We had to be in our office at 8am and therefore instead of davening Shacharit in Neve Yaakov and then fighting traffic to arrive on time, I would leave on the first bus at 5:30am and was in time for the minyan to either daven across the street from the bank, or I would stop in Geula, very close to downtown Jerusalem, to arrive at what we call a minyan factory. That was because in that one building there were many rooms, each with its own Sefer Torah and enough place for at least ten men to make a Minyan.

If I did go to Geula, then we would finish with ample time to still say Tehillim and I could easily then walk to the bank arriving well before 8am. On other days, I would walk from the bus to the Shul across the street. On this day, I went straight from the bus to the Shul across the street from the bank. We were in the middle of davening and suddenly the whole building shook from a very large explosion. Given that there were so many terrorist suicide bombings at that time, we did not have to think very long before arriving at an obvious conclusion regarding what caused this explosion.

And we did not have to walk very far from Shul to figure out what had taken place, because as we opened the front door, we were confronted with an Egged bus parked on the street with many windows blown out. But there was no sign of police which we thought was strange, until we looked left down the street and discovered what had taken place.

Shortly before the major intersection where the streets Agron and Ha-Emek meet King David Street, we noticed many flashing lights from a vast array of emergency vehicles converging on that intersection. And then I spotted the source of the explosion. I could not see many details of what I saw very clearly, and as it turns out I thank G-d I was not able to get closer. Because I soon found out after going inside the bank to begin working, that what I missed seeing would have most probably made me so sick to my stomach I doubt if I would have been able to work that day.

That scene I missed was the body of a Palestinian terrorist whose explosive belt must have detonated prematurely. His body parts were all over the street and that bus parked outside of the Shul I had just davened at must have just been passing by at the time of the explosion. We heard there were no major casualties on that bus and for that matter, I did not hear of any people who died that day other than that suicide bomber.

Hashem Was Clearly Looking After Me And Everyone Else That Morning

Though I was not hurt in any way physically, I still felt sorry for those people on that bus who were injured. And I also quickly realized how thankful I should be to Hashem for missing that explosion. That is because when that bomb went off, had I been davening in Geula, I most likely would have been walking right near the very spot where that explosion took place.

And for the many other people who were in the major hotel right near that explosion, we found out later the suicide bomber had intended to force his way into that hotel before detonating his explosive belt. That would have resulted in a massive number of casualties.


Sometimes Hashem Can Cause Things To Back-Fire On Those People Who Caused Them To Happen

Two Reports On Fox News This Morning

Power Outage In Texas Featured On Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson points out that President Biden’s administration is now responsible for trying to lead America down the path toward alternative energy production. Special emphasis is on windmills to generate power from winds.  The Problem with that is Biden and his friends did not think about what would happen if there was a major cold snap with no wind and the windmills froze.

Well, guess what, that is exactly what took place. A massive number of Texans are left with no power because the Power grid cannot handle the demand.

Alaska was warmer than Texas according to the weather reports.

Pre-planned Attack At The Capitol Featured On Hannity

Among the items discussed was the Pre-planned attack on the US Capitol Building. Hannity does a good job pointing out that Pelosi had knowledge there would be an attack on the US Capitol Building before it took place. There were calls for the National Guard and extra Capitol Police to be sent in to protect the building, but those calls went unanswered. And now there are questions being asked why Police were not there to protect those very same lawmakers who have been demanding to Defund The Police.


Pfizer And Israel Featured On The CBS Evening News

CBS correspondent Liz Palmer showed the world that Israel is the leader in getting its citizens vaccinated. And she pointed out that it was the vaccine from Pfizer which has been very effective. I want to vouch for this first-hand because most of my family has been vaccinated and that is another reason we all are grateful to have made Aliyah.

Hopefully, in the very near future, you all will be vaccinated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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