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IDF: Army of the people or of the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court in Jerusalem (Wikipedia)

In a true democracy (not Yisrael), the army has zero to do with the political process.

I am at loss for words how here so many people casually accept that some soldiers (especially in the Air Force) can condition their service on the passing of a bill.

It drives me insane. If most Yisraelis knew what democracy is, they’d freak out too because this is the most anti-democratic thing that can be done.

If officers in the army, the Shabak and the Mossad were not a bunch of anti-democratic jerks, they’d be conscious of the dangers of even toying with the idea and would completely abstain from any interference whatsoever.

If Yisrael was a democratic country, any soldier who would condition his or her service on the passing of a bill would end up in jail, loose his pension and be barred for life to even put a foot in a military base.

The left is here playing a hypocrite game of semantics claiming that it’s not soldiers in the active service who refuse to serve but those in the reserve (which is half the Air Force) who simply refuse to come.

Nonsense. The fact remains that they condition their coming on the political process and that very thing is contrary to democracy. It should not happen. It should not even be possible to happen and the fact that it does proves that Yisrael is a lot closer to a dictature than a democracy.

The anti-democratic traitors (and yes, that’s what they are) who do this extorsion say that this is the government’s fault since it’s the policies of the coalition that forced them into this undemocratic act.

Nonsense.  Regardless of what the government does, you do not meddle in politics and that’s the whole point.

Even more, the traitors condition their service with the government accepting the ruling of the Supreme Court. Basically, the Army, the Shabak and the Mossad clearly state that they are not the defense wing of the people but of the Supreme Court.

I’ve got news for you traitors. Democracy comes from the Greek, Demo (people) and Krato (might). Hence democracy literally means: Power of the people, NOT the Supreme Court.

The left and the anti-democratic traitors say they do not serve the government but ‘democracy’, as if democracy was a guy.

Democracy means the rule of the citizens. If you refuse to protect the citizens, you refuse to defend democracy. Democracy is not some dude, it’s the people, the masses. Without the citizens there is no democracy because THEY are democracy. Not 15 judges who all have similar political opinions. The people, every citizens, THEY are democracy and if you refuse to defend them, you basically are doing the middle finger to democracy.

What’s the danger in tolerating the army having an influence, even minute, on the political process?

If next time the same Air Force traitors decide that they don’t like the elections’ results? Who’s to assure me they won’t pull out the same trick again?
Who’s to assure me they won’t decide to bomb the Knesset because they believe they ‘defend’ democracy?

NO ONE can assure me it won’t happen because now that they’ve seen what power they have when they gang up, and power corrupts, ALWAYS, I just don’t see them relinquishing their newfound power.

The ONLY time the army should act in ANY capacity against an elected government, is if the said government passes laws that negate democracy and the freedom of the people. I’m not talking about a bill that prophets of doom claim will bring us to dictature but we have yet to see it happen. I’m talking about clear and concrete acts that negate the right of the people to rule, like telling the army to arrest political opponents, or to shoot down a demonstration, or to outlaw any other political parties.

YES, in cases like that, the army should act because its role is to defend the freedom of the citizens and their right to rule, but here in Yisrael this is simply not the case, even if the government would refuse to follow a judgement of the Supreme Court.

Anyone who thinks that the reform of Yariv Levin is a clear road to dictatorship yet supports the army having ANY say in the political process clearly has no idea how a true democracy works.

How then, can the people who do the reserve show their opposition to the reform (a completely legitimate thing)?

Keep it exclusively out of the army.

They can join protests when they’re not in uniform. They can strike in their non military work. They can do strikes everyday. Protest in front of the Knesset 24/7. They can do any protest (within the bounds of the law of course) they want AS LONG as the military service is completely out of the equation.

I’ve heard the absurd claim from some of them that they have a contract to defend democracy, hence they refuse to serve, again, as if democracy was some dude.

Let me repeat.

Democracy is the people, NOT some abstract concept or the old geezers on the Supreme Court.

It’s the people, THE PEOPLE.

If you refuse to defend the citizens, you refuse to defend democracy. It’s as simple as that.

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