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If Netanyahu prevents a national unity government, the Likud needs to let him go

As I mentioned before, the outcome of the previous election was not a rightwing victory but a victory for the center. It is true that Bibi and the Likud bill themselves as rightwing. But the latter is clearly a centrist party — especially compared to the really rightwing parties. So is Blue and White — especially compared to the really leftwing parties.

Everything Bibi blames Lieberman for, he is actually guilty of himself:
1. He declared 61 seats not enough and called for unnecessary election — getting 60 seats and calling it a victory.
2. He singlehandedly prevented a national unity government — either because he didn’t want it, Blue and White didn’t want him or both.
3. And he chose unnecessary elections again, preventing a national unity government under the leadership of someone else (Tzachi haNegbi?).

The new elections will give the same result as the previous: no workable majority except for a coalition without the extremist parties.

If the person of Netanyahu prevents a national unity government, the Likud needs to let him go for the good of the country.

It’s high time that Israel gets a government that can develop many areas that religious parties have blocked for decades.

If you’d think that it’ll be hard for the Likud and Blue and White sit in one coalition, I’d say: not as hard as the Hareidi parties with Lieberman. From both parties, the most extreme wings will flee but others from other parties will easily join, like Lieberman, the New Right and Shas.

Between a rock(et) and a hard(ship) place


The biggest short-term dangers don’t come from:
Rightwing Capitalist social injustice,
The criminals against humanity junta in Gaza,
The would-be mass murderers of Hezbollah,
The eager genocides of Iran, or
The dictates of the Taliban rabbinate;
But rather from Trump’s unseen presumptuous reckless “peace plan.”

If a centrist government restarts a phony naive peace process, endangering individuals and the State, I’d rather have a rightwing backward government.

I’d rather be awkwardly alive than be respected and dead.

You’d think that Trump and Kushner are showing no respect for Israeli voters. But they say that Bibi requested to keep the plan under wraps. And the left and the Muslim parties neither demand to see the plan.

The left and the right are conspiring to keep us in the dark. They’re not political opponents. They’re on the same side opposite the Israeli public.

Show Trump’s Peace Plan Now

Therefore, I dare the paternalist left and patronizing right to show the Israeli People before election day, this “peace plan” and their intentions.

We are permitted and requested to vote (again). But we’re not allowed to know what the parties want to do with our votes after the elections? Stop fooling the People! Show us your hand!

Luckily, some parties won’t squander national security and still are for a larger separation between State and religion: the New Right and Lieberman. When they finally will get the number of seats they deserve, they should send flowers to Bibi and Betzalel and publicly thank them.

Kushner, and we thought that Trump was a political clown …

It is worse than I gleaned before from Kushner’s make-belief “peace plan.” I’ve explained that only an end to centuries of Jew-hatred in the Muslim world will give peace in the Middle East. (And the West should not gloat at that, not having finished off anti-Semitism either.)

I guessed that the raised-rich son-in-law assumed that Muslims in Gaza and on the West Bank could be persuaded to make peace if it meant prosperity. He didn’t listen to Island’s Eurovision contribution: “Hatred will prevail.” But reality is even worse.

He now declared that a fair judicial system, freedom of the press and of expression and tolerance for all religions are needed in order to make the Palestinian territories “investable.” This is so laughable. What’s next? Demanding the same for Egypt although that would bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power?

Full human rights without detoxification for Jew-hatred will turn the Arab-occupied territories into launching pads against Israel. The rulers will be “democratically” chosen kill-the-Jews people from Chamas and worse.

So, Kushner says, money will work but first democracy. Why do Bibi and the other parties want to keep this “peace plan” a secret? It’s just hot air.

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