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For more than one year, since my Blogging began at TOI I have followed a variety of stories, but the most dominant one has obviously been involving Minnesota’s 5th District House Seat.

The main motivation I had in writing so many articles related to this district was because my first hand experiences justified telling the truth rather than keeping quiet while Omar continued to lie. As time went by, the truth began to surface about Ilhan Omar.

Minnesota State Representative Steve Drazkowski requested investigations be made on Omar based upon documentation he had gathered. As reported by Alpha News in a story dated January 18, Drazkowski drew upon David Steinberg’s work at PJ Media and on Power Line. David is of course the genius researcher who has established himself as the foremost investigative reporter on Omar’s tangled life.

As I previously mentioned, in mid – 2019, Glenn Beck of Blaze TV did an extensive investigation on Omar’s family and marriage history which appeared on a program called – “Ilhan Omar: All In The Family”. Beck used a chalkboard to illustrate the complicated family and marriage relationship Omar had.

As all of this information became public knowledge, Omar was questioned on these allegations and repeatedly refused to respond to the media to clarify these facts.

Then in mid-August, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu banned Omar from entering Israel with Rashida Tlaib, due, to the fact that Miftah was sponsoring their trip, which is headed by Hanan Ashrawi, who has been known to have close ties to Yasser Arafat and terrorist organizations.

All House of Representative lawmakers stand for re-election every two years, which means that Omar will have to win re- election for her district in November if she wants to retain her seat.

Dalia al-Aqidi Has Announced Her Intention To Run Against Omar

Dalia is a relatively new face in Minnesota’s Fifth District, but she is no stranger to the Middle East. She was born in Iraq and had to live under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

From her campaign Website, we learn that –

Dalia al-Aqidi currently serves as a senior international political talk show host with over three decades of reporting from the capital cities of the Middle East to the U.S. She has written, produced, and hosted live shows on TV and radio in both English and Arabic. Over the course of her career, she has interviewed a variety of world leaders, such as former President Jimmy Carter, First Lady Barbara Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and many government leaders in the Middle East. She most recently worked as a news analyst in addition to anchoring a political talk show about U.S. policies and strategies in North Africa.

I see that she is gaining more media coverage as she campaigns to unseat Ilhan Omar. There is much more to say about this, however, I feel that before I continue any further, I want you all to look at the accompanying video which shows Dalia being interviewed on the Rubin Report.

This hour long discussion will give you a very good idea of who Dalia is and what she represents.

Key Points Raised During The Interview-

At the beginning of each line, a number will first appear which indicates the number of minutes into the video this is mentioned-

25 – In 2020 CAIR has been grooming more than 120 (similar to) Rashida (Tlaib), Ilhan (Omar)

32 – 33 Her Hijab is not the correct Hijab to wear. Dalia spoke to several Americans from Somalia and hers is not the correct Muslim Hijab.  She should not be showing her chest and be dressed more modestly.

36 Muslim Brotherhood is using the far left for their own agenda. Regarding BDS, if you are American and worried about what is happening in that region (Middle East) in general, you would want to defend and be close to your closest allies, which in this region is Israel. Who is going to counter Iran’s influence in the region? Nobody (else)

  1. People of Omar’s district want to have a better life and a safe district, according to what Dalia has heard from the people there.
  2. Omar has a brother who was in the UK. Omar’s friends went on record saying, her brother was there so she decided to bring him to the US to be within the Somali community. Because he was not an American citizen he could not live in the US, so Omar married him and that is how he got his citizenship.
  3. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group and when I get elected I am determined to get the Muslim Brotherhood designated as a terrorist group.
  4. Regarding “some people did something”, Dalia says “some people are going to do something” that will make her a one term congresswoman.

54 In Gaza, Hamas rules everything. Hamas brings a truck in the middle of a residential area to launch missiles and leave a minute later. Israel then naturally launches a counter attack and who would die, of course the civilian residents of Gaza. So those residents are sick and tired of this.

  1. Omar is calling for less police presence in the district while crime rates are soaring sky high.

In Summary-

I feel that the interview appearing on the Rubin Report gives a good indication of what Omar is now up against.

With Omar unwilling to answer the many questions about her family and personal life, it should be quite obvious to everyone that Dalia represents someone who will work for the residents of her district.

And considering that the voters of Omar’s district voted for Biden, rather than Bernie Sanders, gives all of us a good indication that Omar will have trouble retaining her seat in the November elections.

There are more subjects I would like to discuss in future Blogs which came out of this highly informative interview.

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