I’m In A Black Mood

I’m a little person in the scheme of things. Maybe not by weight which is expanding in response to election angst, but in terms of world power. I have none. I try to push my husband around but that never works. The kids are grown and out so I can’t boss them around either. And everyone knows power and grandchildren is a one-way street. They have all the power, and that’s the world plan. Everyone who has grandchildren wants only to love them and be generous, not to exert authority. I don’t even have a dog anymore. Anyway, when I did, I yelled sit in a forceful tone and whichever the mongrel of the day was, she (always she) ignored me.

So I’m impotent. I never felt quite as impotent as this past week. I thought I was going to be one of the righteous masses who defeated Donald Trump. Notice I don’t say who elected Hillary Rodham Clinton. I was never excited about Hillary but, in comparison to Trump, she has wings and a halo.

I’m not only impotent. I’m also suffering terribly. Those grandchildren. I want a better world for them than Trump is capable of delivering. That’s a fact, not an opinion. Trump the man is Trump the candidate, and the guy who won; and I don’t care how many advisers try and polish him, shellac him, and take away his twitter account. He’s what we all know he is. He’s an abuser of people, all people, crippled, female, and…… aw…… you know. You’ve heard all his disgusting rhetoric.

But, what has really overwhelmed me this week is how many people that I know crawled out from under their rocks and boasted of voting for Trump. Where were they during the campaign which lasted forever? It’s very strange but I can name numerous people, Jewish people, who voted for Trump who never fessed up until after the votes were counted. Strange indeed. They were hedging their bets. It was expected that he would lose. He won and they felt redeemed. And these are people who don’t work in West Virginia coal mines. They’re not unemployed steelworkers either. They’re just about all college educated professionals.  Not dumb. Nice people making mistakes.

If they didn’t believe they were making mistakes maybe the choice of Bannon will convince them. Come on!  Bannon. Alt-right. Oh, some say, he’s not anti-Semitic. Nu? He’s not? So why does he publish the stuff he does? I know an anti-Semite when I see him.

And now talking about Rudy for secretary of state! Rudy, who stared at me from his TV perch and made reckless accusations based on lies about anyone he could sink his claws into……anyone who was a threat to Rudy.

And how about Sarah Palin for a cabinet position? I feel like Rip van Winkle or Alice in Wonderland. All these years later. I know she can’t see Russia from her window anymore but she’s still not smart, capable, reasonable or, for damn sure, appropriate for a cabinet post. I like Jon McCain but I’ll never forgive him for Palinizing us. She slithered away and now she’s back. Unbelievable.

These are people that we don’t want our young kids to hear when they speak. They say outrageous things. They lie. They invent, but not like Thomas Edison for sure. Our country is in trouble when our president-elect boasts about attacking women. When his language is more fowl than my Shabbat chicken. You all know it’s true.

And what is so frustrating now are all the advice givers. The wise ones. The reasonable. The patriotic. You know. Those who wave their flags and tell us that bad things won’t happen because this is America. Or that we have to give the new administration a chance. These are the “let’s be tolerant” folks. Let’s not jump to conclusions. As if we have a choice anyway. Folks, we don’t. We’ve been trumped. We’ve been finessed. And it’s a grand slam. Actually a royal flush but it’s we who’ve been flushed.

So we await the next inadequate nominee for a critically important job.  And if you think I’m bitter, it’s because I am. But I’m also right!

About the Author
Rosanne Skopp is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of fourteen, and great-grandmother of three. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and travels back and forth between homes in New Jersey and Israel. She is currently writing a family history.
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