Leor Sinai
Leor Sinai
Iron like a lion in Zion.

I’m that kid

I’m that kid that was wild, energetic, uninterested in school and just wanted to have fun.

I’m that kid that wasn’t good in math or science, reading and writing.

I’m that kid that preferred not raising his hand in class when I didn’t understand the material for fear of being labeled dumb, or having ADD, or something worse.

I’m that kid who didn’t have a teacher approach him and ask: Do you understand the material? Do you need help?

I’m that kid sophomore year in high school whose guidance counselor called in his parents for a meeting to let them know (quite literally): I don’t think much will come of your son.

I’m that kid who cut out of school, not because I was a bad kid, but because I felt out of place.

I’m that kid who, because he felt out of place, hung out with the kids who felt out of place at the “alcove” (a sketchy space where sketchy things happened).

I’m that kid who went to summer school senior year of high school, and graduated in August instead of June, because he failed math by 2 points.

I’m that kid that went to community college because no other 4-year college would accept him.

I’m that kid whose parents don’t own a family business, often worked two jobs – and when they explained to him that he’d either have to drop out and get a full-time job or get serious about his studies – I’m that kid that finally decided to get serious about his studies.

I’m that kid whose parents told him he could become anything he wanted to become.

I’m that kid that decided he would become someone, without knowing who that might be.

I became that kid that would come in through the window if you didn’t let him in through the door.

I’m that kid that finally got his Associates Degree from community college, his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, and went on to receive smicha (Rabbinic Ordination).

I’m that kid who has acquired over 20+ years of professional experiences as a leader, global speaker, educator-influencer, and campaign executive.

I’m that kid that is now transitioning from Doctoral Student to Doctoral Candidate.

I was that kid that fell under the radar, and despite his guidance counselor’s warning – amounted to something – and I’m just getting started.

And finally, if you’re that kid, you are good enough. Never settle, never lose hope, and never stop believing in your purpose – because kids like us can do anything.

About the Author
Originally from New York, Leor Sinai lives with his family in Israel. Sinai is a Strategic Advancement Influencer. A globe trotter invited to motivate, present, and drive ideas to reality. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Education Leadership researching Education Diplomacy. Sinai’s vision: While diversity can become a source of divisiveness, it in fact should be a basis for unity.
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