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Immigration compromise?

It appears to me that many of the “esteemed” members of our dysfunctional Congress have not yet ascertained that compromise is the key to getting laws passed. Even my 10 year old grandson has figured that out. The latest example of Congress’ ineptitude is its handling of DACAs and border security.

Most of the Dems and their various special interest groups have been vociferously advocating that the US allow the DACAs to stay. True to form, they have been claiming that anyone who is opposed is a “racist” or a “white supremist.” (Rule #1 of the “Liberal Handbook” says if you don’t agree with me, you are a racist or a white supremist. Rule #2 says see rule #1.)

A typical reaction to President Trump’s proposal was that of Rep. Luis Gutierrez who glossed over the DACA section and focused on the wall funding section, calling it a “ransom for Dreamers.” On the contrary, Senator Lindsay Graham, considered a moderate on this issue, calmly denoted that neither President Obama nor President Bush had been able to resolve the DACA matter, and “I believe President Trump can.” Furthermore, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd dismissed those who are claiming that the bill is a “white nationalist ploy.” They’re absolutely incorrect he stated. He characterized the bill as a “good compromise,” adding “there’s nothing racist about securing our borders.”

According to the latest polls – e.g. ABC, Fox, Politico, etal – some 80% of Americans, including President Trump and most Republicans, are opposed to deporting the DACAs. President Trump has proposed a bill that includes a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACAs. Great, you say. He is giving Dems what they want. Passage should be a “slam dunk.” But, wait. Many of them are criticizing it because it also includes some provisions to which Dems are opposed, such as:

Restricting “chain migration,”
ending the visa “lottery,” and
providing funds for additional border security, including the Wall.

These items are also favored by a majority of Americans and it is likely that if they are not included the bill would not pass. To be clear, a majority of Americans favor both a path to citizenship for law-abiding DACAs AND the abovementioned border security enhancements.

So, to me and most clear-thinking Americans, including all of the above in one omnibus bill is the obvious solution. It is the classic compromise. I give you what you want, and you give me what I want. Neither side is 100% happy, but we all get most of what we want. Happens all the time. No problem, right?

WRONG! Pelosi, Schumer and their supporters and immigration special interest groups are not satisfied. They want to impose their open border policies on the rest of us. Moreover, anyone who objects is a “racist” or a “white supremist.” As I have said before, if someone with whom you are debating calls you that, the debate is over. They have no facts to support their position. They are not interested in further reasoned debate. They lose. Incidentally, those terms have been so over-used they have become “white noise,” and they obscure legitimate acts of racism and white supremism. Too bad.


The Dems’ stance is not being helped by all the DACA demonstrations. The sight of illegal immigrants demonstrating demanding citizenship and other rights, closing Disneyland, shouting down members of Congress and demonstrating outside their residences is extremely poor optics. In my opinion, these tactics will engender resentment, not support.

Also, in my opinion, like everything else the President does, this proposal is merely the opening bid in a negotiation. Opponents, rather than complaining, should negotiate a compromise that the majority can live with.

I predict a deal will get done eventually. The Dems will cave. Their position is a losing one, and the cooler heads in the party know it. After all, President Trump’s strong stance on immigration was one of the chief reasons he got elected. Ultimately, those who have run for re-election this year will have to support the President’s bill or a similar one.

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