Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

In Memoriam: Walter Mondale and the ‘twin; legacy that died that day


Former Vice-President Walter Mondale was one of Minnesota’s greatest lawmakers who passed away in Minneapolis on Monday at age 93. To me, and many others, his name will forever be connected to that of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who favored Mondale to take his Senate seat when President Lyndon Johnson named Humphrey to be Vice President. As I write this Wednesday, Mondale’s passing featured on TOI’s main page. His life and the major contributions he made to the peace treaty signed between Israel and Egypt are included.

Walter Mondale, like Humphrey, was considered among the leaders of the progressive movement which firmly supported Israel. At that time, Israel had to deal with the PLO as well as its hostile Arab neighbors. But serving as Vice President, Mondale worked very hard with Israel to secure that peace deal with Egypt.

Mondale was one of three US lawmakers present at the dedication of Israel’s Knesset building in 1966 — he was a Minnesota senator at the time — and he led a delegation to Israel in 1978 to mark the country’s 30th anniversary.

Walter Mondale’s Death Seemed To Be Totally Ignored By Some Major Evening News Broadcasts

I watched the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News feed for both April 19 & 20. Both have been following the Chauvin trial extensively. Each pre-recorded episode lasts for roughly 20 minutes and during that whole time I did not hear one word about Walter Mondale’s death. Perhaps Israel gets a different newsfeed than other parts of the world, but it seems quite strange that was the case.

I Discovered An Interesting Story Written By A CBS Reporter Many Years Ago                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The event, which drew a crowd of about 450 people, was called “The Mondale Lectures on Public Service” and examined history-making events of the past 50 years.

Walter Mondale received a standing ovation before speaking for 40 minutes about Hubert Humphrey-

“Hubert was my mentor, friend and colleague. He believed that government should make people’s lives better,” Mondale said. “He used to say, ‘The moral of government is how it treats the dawn of life, it’s children; how it treats the twilight of life, it’s elderly; and how it treats the shadow of life, the sick, less fortunate, disabled.’”

There is no doubt what Walter Mondale believed this as well.

The article mentions another speaker to appear before the crowd was Geri Joseph, an award-winning journalist and active DFLer, among others — discussing Humphrey’s role in government. As I mentioned previously, I worked in the firm of IS Joseph, managed by Joseph’s husband Burton, to help pay for my tuition while attending the University Of Minnesota.

Chances Are Many Of You Know The Article’s Author If You Watch The CBS Evening News

This article appeared in the Minnesota Daily which I read while attending university. The Minnesota Daily is the campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota. Published since 1900, the paper is currently the largest student-run and student-written newspaper in the United States

There have been a number of notable individuals to work at the paper, including former NAACP leader Roy Wilkins,[6] longtime CBS correspondent Harry Reasoner,[7] radio personality Garrison Keillor

By now, you should have discovered that current CBS reporter Jamie Yuccas wrote that article. She worked at CBS Minnesota affiliate WCCO-TV before joining the national network.

Why Was Jamie Yuccas Not Given An Opportunity To Make A Statement On Walter Mondale?

Given that Jamie had many years of experience in Minnesota, and because CBS had sent a second reporter to cover the Chauvin trial, I would have expected CBS Evening News producers to include some coverage on Walter Mondale’s passing. Jamie was in the courtroom not far from where WCCO-TV studios are located and would be in a perfect place from which to deliver a touching tribute to Walter Mondale.

The Values That Hubert Humphrey And Walter Mondale Fought For Are Now Dead In The Democratic Party

Humphrey and Mondale spent their whole lives working for All Americans to send a loud message that All Lives Matter and we must unite to support the theme of All Lives Matter.

By not living up to the values that made Humphrey and Mondale among the leaders of the Democratic Party, this party will never be the same again. But my memories of Hubert Humphrey standing alongside Walter Mondale will continue to live on.

Rest in peace Walter Mondale, you were a great servant to America, Minnesota, my fellow Israelis and to all whose lives you touched in so many ways.

We will miss you.

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