In November, Maybe It’s Time for a Vote of No Confidence in Democratic “Leadership”

The worst terror attack in the USA since September 11, 2001 occurred early Sunday morning in an Orlando gay club, when a radicalized Afghan Muslim brutally shot to death 50 people, and left many more in the hospital. It was also among the worst hate crimes ever committed on American soil. Omar Mateen, the gunman, who was killed in a shootout with police, called 911 to pledge his allegiance to ISIS, which soon took credit for carrying out the tragedy.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama, and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump all took to the airwaves to express their condolences and condemn the attack, as did the president and prime minister of Israel, the Canadian president, and others. Surprisingly, President Obama admitted that it was an act of terror, along with a hate crime. Hillary Clinton said the same thing, and both, along with Senator Sanders, called for more gun control. Senator Sanders, however, followed the Democrats’ previous pattern of failing to mention that the shooting, much like the Boston Bombings, Paris attacks of 2015, San Bernardino killings, Brussels Bombings, and other such acts of terrorism, were motivated by Islamism. As the news broke of what happened, and who the shooter was, many progressive pundits, speakers, and commenters on news articles, rather than primarily sending their condolences, instead said things like “it wasn’t Islamic,” or “don’t blame all Muslims”. This is the equivalent of the “#AllLivesMatter” hashtag that liberals despise so much in the aftermath of police brutality against Blacks and other people of color.

Most agree with the viewpoint that not all Muslims are complicit in terrorism or hold such extreme views. But to continuously silence criticism of Islam or stifling debate over its role in the rise of jihadist outfits all over the world — all while saying that the UN, EU, and others singling out Israel for criticism over more barbaric countries isn’t racist, or gleefully proclaiming that Christianity or Judaism are too oppressive and backwards — isn’t progressive. Moreover, it betrays the values that Democrats claim to hold dear, such as free speech, LGBT rights and women’s equality.

Much of the population is well aware that we’re being lied to by our “leaders” regarding the threat ISIS poses to our security and liberty. The president may not wish to admit to himself that there is a significant chunk of Muslims that do not share the beautiful progressive and democratic views that the West holds dear, but much of the population already knows the truth, and is sick and tired of being conned and deceived due to political correctness.

Why should the priority of the Left continue, time and time again, to be to protect the feelings of radicals, rather than the rights of women and other minority groups (gays, Jews, etc)? Why is it that our lives matter so little to Democrats to the point where many of them are more interested in protecting the reputation of Islam instead of protecting us? Ignoring the problem and only focusing on gun control — as happened in San Bernardino in December — is not “stopping Islamophobia” or “remembering our values,” but rather prolonging the battle against jihadism.

Gun control would likely prevent mass shootings from occurring as much as they have throughout our nation’s history. It’s a measure that I fully support, and hope that the GOP will finally decide to adopt. And I hope that, despite the tragedy, it will persuade the Republicans to evolve, as most Americans have, on the issue of LGBT rights and equality, for we’re all in this fight together against the same extremist enemy.

But it is very unrealistic to think that all incidents of terror or crime will end just because of gun control. A criminal, by definition, is someone that doesn’t follow the law. So why would a criminal suddenly obey new gun restriction laws? How has that worked out for our “war on drugs,” or, before that, Prohibition? While so far the Republicans have been slow to admit they’re wrong on gun control (and willfully ignore it, at the expense of lives), the Democrats are the same way regarding Islamic terrorism. Some of this comes out of a wishful and naive way of thinking: that just because we’re rational-minded people, for the most part, everyone else must be, even the mullahs of Iran or the Palestinian Authority. But, in the words of Frank Underwood from House of Cards, terror is blind to reason. Negotiating with extremists emboldens them, as it paints us as weak and willing to do anything to end their violence. Retreating from certain regions after terrorist activity, as Ronald Reagan shamefully did in 1983 after the Beirut barracks bombings by Hezbollah, allows radicals to believe that terrorism works to achieve their goals. And Obama’s blunder in Syria has undermined American credibility worldwide, with both our enemies and our allies wondering if America would walk the walk as well as talking the talk.

Put simply, I’ve lost faith in the Democratic Party’s ability to keep America — and the world — safe. I’ve lost faith in their ability or even desire to protect the very minority groups they claim to champion. And frankly, I don’t even think our lives — gay lives, Native American lives, Black lives, Jewish lives, female lives — matter to them at all. Rather than taking Iran and the PA, among others, to task for their racist incitement against Jewish Israelis, support for terrorism, anti-American rhetoric, and various human rights abuses, President Obama instead puts the blame on Israel and tries to distance ourselves from Jerusalem in a cowardly attempt to appease and pacify the Islamic World. Instead of taking care of the thousands of homeless veterans on America’s streets, the third-world conditions of Native American reservations, or the still-damaged and predominantly Black neighborhoods post-Katrina in New Orleans, Hillary Clinton believes our money would be better spent on bringing thousands of poorly-vetted “refugees” from Syria to the United States, while President Obama gifts $500 million of hard-earner taxes to the corrupt and radical PA. And for what? We know that most of these people hold extremely regressive views, especially on gay rights.  We know they hate our country’s values, and have seen the havoc they’ve wreaked in Europe.

Perhaps the so-called “progressives” once did care about the minorities they supposedly champion and protect. But it’s clear that hasn’t been the case for a long time–and certainly nowadays, it isn’t so. The plight of Native Americans has been ignored for decades upon decades. Black and Latino Americans still face some of the highest rates of incarceration, unemployment, poverty, crime, and poor education out of all in this country. And the harassment, death threats, and racism directed at Jews, especially on college campuses, is never spoken of by Democratic “leaders” in this country, lest it involve saying something about those two words they just won’t utter — “radical Islam”. Our only value to them is our vote to keep them in power. Their divide-and-conquer brainwashing of us is designed to keep minorities from succeeding, so that we will continue to vote for Democrats. But now their lack of concern for us is becoming obvious. Even one Phoenix LGBT community Twitter account posted that due to the attack, they will vote for the Republican candidate this year. 

The GOP has a long way to go before winning the minority or LGBT vote on a regular basis. It’s leadership is incredibly stubborn, stupid, and cowardly, and would rather appease a loud minority of radicals instead of moving along with the rest of the country away from thinking only about abortion or gay marriages, and focusing on security and the economy. If they want to win, they must change. Evolve or die, as the saying goes. Still, there’s one thing that we can’t deny.

Only one candidate has been brave enough this election cycle to speak out against the dangers of political correctness and the hypocrisy of the Political Left. Only one candidate has been honest about radical Islam and globalization. Only one candidate has been unafraid to list the many failures of the liberal “leadership” we’ve endured in recent times, as well as the neoconservative “leadership”. Only one candidate has, despite all his flaws (and there certainly are many), repeatedly said his number one interest is to protect America first and refuse to accept refugees when we can’t even take care of our own.

His name is Donald Trump.

About the Author
Dmitri Shufutinsky is a graduate of Arcadia University's Masters program in International Peace & Conflict Resolution. He is an ardent Zionist and a supporter of indigenous rights, autonomy, solidarity, and sovereignty. He currently lives in Philadelphia, USA.
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