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By the Grace of G-d


Some say that insanity means, that someone does something, it doesn’t work, and then they do it again.

Israel gave up Gaza, and we saw what happened. Now Biden is telling Israel 1. to not stay in Gaza, and 2. to create a Palestinian state.

Here is what the Lubavitcher Rebbe told Ron Nachman, Mayor of Ariel, about thirty years ago. (You can see the video by typing in Google search: The Lubavitcher Rebbe on the roadmap to peace in Israel.)

Ron Nachman: I see people disheartened. I see that the Jews here in the United States are unsure, and are beginning to question, “What will happen? Is Israel withdrawing from Yehuda and Shomron? Are they retreating?” You see a loss of faith. So I’ve come here to ask the Rebbe’s advice, how should I speak to these people today, what should I tell them today, when they see what we are building now in Israel, and to encourage them.

Rebbe: You need to speak to the people in the Holy Land, that they should publicize everywhere, that all the rumours that, G-d forbid, they want to return territory, has no basis in reality, On the contrary, they should hold on to these territories, and with much joy, peacefully and pleasantly. Did you understand what I said?

Ron: I understood. Yes.

Rebbe: This needs to be explained, not to people here, because they don’t have a say in Israel, but to the people in Israel. The Prime Minister of Israel will soon be visiting the United States. He needs to explain to everyone who will hear him, to everyone he can influence, that these rumours have no basis whatsoever, and the entire Israel will be whole just as it is now, and our righteous Moshiach will soon add the other parts, and in a pleasant manner and a peaceful manner, without any battles.

Ron: Thank you very much.

Rebbe: Since you also live in Israel, this depends also on you. That you stand strong, that the territories stay whole, and the land stays whole, and in a pleasant and peaceful way. This has nothing to do with (undoing) peace at all. On the contrary. When the other side hears that there is a consideration to return land, it brings an intafada and similar things that are not desirable at all. This happens only because the other side hears from people living in the Holy Land, that there is a possibilty of discussing this, and perhaps they can gain something from this, etc. And there doesn’t need to be any conflict or warfare, just the opposite, these rumours strengthen those who do not want peace and quiet.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, do you understand what the Rebbe said thirty years ago? You have a choice: insanity, or listening to the Rebbe. The eyes of our people, now, and our ancestors, are looking to you. The world is watching you. As you said so eloquently recently in the UN, “May we choose wisely between the curse and the blessings.”

And as the Torah states (Deuteronomy 30, 19): I call heaven and earth as witnesses to you this day — life and death I have placed before you, blessing and curse. Choose life, so that you and your children may live.

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