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Iran vs Islamic Republic

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In this era, when the USA ceded Afghanistan to the Taliban after Doha negotiations, and Macron met Raisi in New York to urge him to accept the nuclear deal, it’s sort of a bitter fact that Western governments prefer negotiating with dictators rather than supporting freedom movements. So, Do you think Why it matters to Iranians that people around the world be aware of their protesting, while they know they can’t count on foreign states?

Obviously, Iranians also can’t expect any favors or help from ordinary people outside their country, simply because they can’t do anything but sympathy! Back in the day, maybe social movements could put politicians under pressure to support liberty seekers in countries such as Iran, but that age has passed! All the videos and photos of Iran’s uprising you see on the internet now, can’t and don’t have any intention to attract your emotions.

Truth is an issue that people often forget its original value. But Iranians really want Even if they die, you know the truth about them, and it’s the reason for their passion for global awareness about the conditions of being Iranian. Who wants to hear lies about his/her homeland? Lies are dangerous for any county. The Persian shah, Darius the Great (550 BC- 486 BC) asked God to save this land from enemy, from drought and from lying.
The lying started while a series of travel bloggers and YouTubers in the past few years, showed a normal picture of daily life in Iran. Well, Iran is a misunderstood country, Especially about the people. In detail, the picture of Iranians daily life in western Media is so inaccurate. Probably many western citizens think, people in Tehran ride camels and speak Arabic, so far away from the truth. But after all, the core of their thought about Iran is that Iranians don’t have a normal life, and they are right! People in Iran don’t live in a normal situation.
Hijab is the Iranian Bastille, the symbol of dictatorship which people intend to destroy, not the Iranian dress code as often said. It’s important for us, the Iranian people, that the world knows this fact, because it’s really bad when your country is ruled by a dictator, but When the dictatorship in your homeland brings suffering and pain for other countries, It’s something else. like what Islamic republic of Iran did in Lebanon, Syria , Iraq, Yemen and all the region. The question is, are Iranians guilty like Germans because of the dictator who ruled their country? Now, with these innocent bloods splashing on the streets of Iranian cities, we hope the answer will be No, and tomorrow no one writes about the question of Iranian guilt. Now everybody knows the right title of our country isn’t Islamic republic of Iran, but it’s Islamic republic Vs Iran.
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Ali was a journalist in Iran, working for ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency) from 2019 to 2021. He now lives in Milan, Italy.
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