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Iranian regime’s role on attacks on Israel

Photo: Wikipedia
A rocket fired from a civilian area in Gaza towards civilian areas in Southern Israel
Photo: Wikipedia A rocket fired from a civilian area in Gaza towards civilian areas in Southern Israel

Rockets are raining on Israel and a good part of it is from the Iranian money stolen from Iranian people by a regime that kills, tortures, and maims Iranians if they protest or criticize it. In that aspect, the Israelis and Iranians have the same problem. It is the Iranian warmongering and hateful regime. After all who does not want to live in peace and prosperity?

For several years I have reported on abuse and killing of Iranian citizens. Many find themselves in prison just because they have raised their voices and protested against some aspect of the military, ideological regime of Iran. I have written on the shortcomings in the lives of Iranian people. The retirees from all walks of lives have not been paid their pensions. The price for rice and meat has skyrocketed, the fourth waves of Corona is hitting the country hard, yet the government is not able to buy vaccines for everyone because Iranian money goes to terrorism and war all over the middle east.

The Iranian hostile and unnecessary nuclear program has put the country under severe sanctions, so has the horrible human rights violations and regime’s terrorist activities. The Iranian-backed Houthis are tearing Yemen apart in civil war. The Iranian-backed militia are tearing Iraq apart. Iranian regime’s backing of Hezbollah has driven Lebanon into economical ruin. The Syrian regime’s Bashar Al Assad could not have survived without the Iranian regime’s constant military backing.

But the main target for the Iranian regime is Israel. The Iranian regime is obsessed with the state of Israel, the same way the Nazis were obsessed with the Jews. I have grown up with their sickening anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli rhetoric. The regime calls Israel for “Palestine” and regime’s leader Khamenei has established something called “Axes of resistance”. A very active movement with money, training and guidance of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Official Ramez Al-Halabi says in a video posted by Memri yesterday: “The rockets we use to pound Tel Aviv, our weapons, our money, and our food are provided by Iran.”

Ziad Al-Nakhaleh of Islamic Jihad explains in an interview that the high profile Iranian revolutionary Guard’s high commander, Ghassem Soleimani personally led the operation to send missiles and its technology to “Palestine.” Soleimani was killed in Iraq by US drones in 2020.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s telegram channel announced the use of a heavy Badr 3 rocket against Ashkelon city in Israel. Badr is an Iran-made rocket.

Ismail Haniyeh, a senior Hamas leader recognizes and openly thanks Iran as the primary supporter of Hamas.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Quds Force Brigade spox also thanks “Resistance Axis” headed by the Islamic Republic of Iran for the addition of Badr 3 missiles to PIJ arsenal in a newly published footage.

Times of Israel reports that some of the missiles used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups are from Iran. Iran increased the money sent to Hamas to $30millions per month in 2019 in exchange for intel on Israel, even after the US left the so-called nuclear deal in 2018.

There are footprints of the Iranian regime all over the recent attacks on Israel. Even escalating of the violence in Jerusalem on so-called Quds day on Friday is no coincidence. The international “Quds” day was established by the Iranian regime after the revolution of 79, as a follow up on the rhetoric of exporting the Islamic revolution and taking over Jerusalem (Quds). Iran’s top military spokesman. Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi a few months ago warned that Iran will demolish Tel Aviv and Haifa if attacked. The hardliner newspaper Keyhan in Teheran affiliated with the Iranian leader, Khamenei has a few times pointed out the blind spots of Israeli Iron Dome Interceptor systems. That may explain the new tactic of the constant barrage of rockets in the recent attacks on Ashkelon and Tel Aviv.

There are not only Israelis who want peace and prosperity, this is something that millions of Iranians who are against the regime also yearn for. It is the regime of Iran that stands in the way and the regime’s obsession with Israel is not a minor issue, neither will it go away any time soon.

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