Is the Israeli Right More Realistic Than the Israeli Left?

I want to thank the fellow poster who made this reference to me in a currently active comment string. As I thought about it, I responded to him and offer a more expanded response here.

Here is something I recently published on TOI through which I hardly claim perfection or a comprehensive solution. But the present is not only not working, but is allowing the limited status quo that existed to rapidly and destructively deteriorate for all.

Yes…There are Real Solutions with Political Courage, Vision and Leadership

I do not consider it at all accurate to say that the Israeli hard Right has been ‘more realistic’ than what I call the Israeli ‘non-hard Right’ or what others call the Israeli ‘left.’

Netanyahu continues to bet his power and ‘brand’ on false horses and current events on the streets of Israel directly link back to Netanyahu and Israel’s strings of long unstable hard Right coalitions. Were the Israeli Right’s strategies to have had a desired impact on Israel and the Territories, we should have seen something different by now.

That Abbas becomes more desperate by the day in an effort to hold onto his neo-dictatorship and will say about anything; that Hamas’ leadership is always pleased for a renewed opportunity to brutalize their own citizens and send children out in death’s way for the international media and an enabling global community means that something else has to change.

A UN Resolution & European Collusion: Abbas and Hamas as the Palestinian’s Worst Enemy

Simultaneously, in Israel, Netanyahu’s incredibly unstable hard Right coalition also desperately tries to sustain its power while dangerous and amoral Settler movements and Haredi communities whose priorities are anything but the State of Israel and the majority of its fellow citizens continue to maintain primary influence.

And all the while Netanyahu and his coalition fiddle.

Who really thinks having IDF snipers pick off 15 year old Palestinian girls and boys or Palestinian mothers on the streets, ‘stricter’ laws on Palestinian terrorist and attackers or still more widely implemented and enforced strategies of ‘collective punishment’ on Palestinian families and communities will do anything but to even further inflame?

Bibi was told repeatedly by his own senior military, intelligence and political officials — among many other strong supporters of Israel — that his position on Iran (as an encore from his similar failure on Iran in 1992) was flat wrong and counterproductive. But he persisted.

Netanyahu was able to get voted back in as PM based on last minute and absolutely outrageous and potentially illegal electoral behavior that was never pursued. He then immediately forgot that he still had a day job as PM of Israel.

Perhaps if Netanyahu had better engaged his day job following his reelection rather than playing the American and international media star while further degrading Israel’s geopolitical credibility, he could have been a bit better prepared and more proactive.

At the same time, the ‘non-Israeli hard Right’ (or ‘left’), continues to be inconsistent, fragmented and uncertain about what to say or do while still not able to present a unified agenda and vision of their own that would seem ‘doable’ to Israelis.

Netanyahu’s Pyrrhic Victory: A Unified, Stable and Self Defining Opposition needs to Evolve

But one important reason why the Israeli ‘non-hard Right’ (Left) continues less than organized and so confused while the Israeli hard Right gives the false appearance of ‘strength’ is exactly because, as David Horovitz has correctly pointed out in his commentary posted today, primary members across the Palestinian leadership do not really want peace or shared solutions of any sort.

Not An Uprising Against Occupation. An Uprising Against Israel

With this point made by Mr. Horovitz, I agree, but for possibly different reasons than some may otherwise consider.

I’d argue that the ‘vision’ of the Palestinian leadership is mostly on the future of the Palestinian leadership rather than a single Palestinian citizen.

I’d argue that the ‘vision’ of the Palestinian leadership stems more from their own nihilistic drive to maintain their own power rather than the political or social welfare or stable future of their own citizens. And to hold onto their own power at the deep expense of their own likely even trumps the repeatedly orated hatred for Israel and Jews.

A UN Resolution and European Collusion: Abbas & Hamas as the Palestinian’s Worst Enemy

Netanyahu’s renewed promises of being still more punitive and restrictive to the Territories and Israeli Arabs alike risks triggering a final implosion for the Jewish State of Israel.

To this end…real, difficult hard and less than perfect decisions need to be made, things truly different need to be done and triggers neutralized…to start.

The present and the present status quo – the predictability of the present and present status quo – needs to be wholly disrupted. That was a point to my above TOI blog towards suggested – however imperfect – solutions to be seriously considered. And it was hardly written as an all exhaustive or inclusive list.

More of the same cannot sustain and the present will continue to only further deteriorate.

What happens while large numbers of the IDF continue to function as city ‘security guards?’ Think that might weaken IDF capacity and response time for its real mission and especially so if soldiers need to continue as ‘security guards’ over time? Think those who want to confront Israel militarily may have considered and be aware of this fact?

That Israeli Arabs; as citizens of Israel, have been escalating so is a potential final opening of Pandora’s Box that may never be drawn even partially back in unless something real and something very different is seriously pursued.

If Netanyahu and his hard Right coalition had the answers, Israel would not be eating itself from within in ways that all the Arab nations combined have not been able to initiate.

If Netanyahu and his hard Right coalition had the answers, Israel would not continue to uncontrollably cascade over a final – however long – waterfalls.

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I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.