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Israel goes to the moon?

The Jewish calendar is controlled by the moon phases, Jews have always been lunatics, so how strange should the news be that on February 13, 2019, an Israeli-built unmanned spacecraft is expected to land on the moon?

However, be ready for surprises.

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First of all, the Palestinian Authority is expected to explain in a news conference that the moon is actually Muslim and that this just shows once again that Israel is only expanding the occupation.

Furthermore, the Junta in Gaza will be the happiest to send its own rockets to the moon, saying that Israel started so they can’t be blamed. (If they start shooting them now, they might still hit the moon before the Zionists.) They hope that we forgot to include an Iron Dome battery and they will be sending burning kites and balloons up too.

The inhabitants of Jerusalem will organize yet another demonstration (as long as there is any traffic movement, street protests are in order) against this wrong priority since we still can’t go to Tel Aviv by a normal train but we are now capable of sending a rocket to the moon. The mayoral candidates will all say that we’re not asking for the moon.

Needless to say that if the mission succeeds, we’ll all be over the moon.

But if the launch will be postponed by a week (they may claim that on a full moon it’s easier not to miss it), the spacecraft “will land” on Purim Katan 2019. Purim is the yearly time that we make Purim jokes (compare April Fools’ Day). It might be all just one big joke. Live and learn.

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