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Israel Hitech Start-up Conference Season

It is an exciting time for the Israeli Start-up ecosystem, with a number of conferences in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Many overseas and local Corporates, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals are coming to locate opportunities and innovation. In today’s fast-changing business world, those who fail to innovate and keep up with the new challengers on the block be it in Banking, Insurance, Digital Health, Cyber, and Auto sectors risk losing their market to the new incumbents.

We are seeing words such as Ai, Blockchain, Fintech, Auto Driving, Digital Health, Challenger Banks, Food Tech, Reg Tech, EdTech, Good Tech, Impact Investing as becoming commonplace. All this is creating ongoing opportunities and challenges to current market leaders.

There are 2 Fintech Events in Tel Aviv – on the 9th Feb is Fintech Aviv , and Fintech Week from the 9th to 12th Feb

Fintech is becoming more a core Issue to business, not only to Banking & Finance but covers issues relating to Payments, Cloud Accounting, Open Banking, Digital Banking, and Trading Experience, Getting Closer to Your Customer, Regulatory Framework – Ever-Changing Compliance, Cyber in the use of the Financial Industry, InsurTech and more. In the future, it is predicted that nearly every company will derive a significant portion of its revenue from financial service

On 11th Feb there is Axis Innovation TLV which can be described as a small, boutique event where quality is our first priority and attention is given to all participants. Limited to 250 attendees, 40+ International investors, and corporations from over 20 countries, 20 selected and prepared Israeli startups pitching on stage, with 30 additional Israeli startups attending.

And then there is the biggest of them all, the loudest of the Ourcrowd Summit in Jerusalem on Thursday the 13th Feb According to their website, this is a  MUST-ATTEND EVENT OF THE GLOBAL STARTUP ECOSYSTEM. In 2019, over 18,000 people from 189 countries registered to attend what has become the fastest-growing tech conference in the world.

So what is all the fuss about Israel and the attention that it attracts from Foreign Players? Paraphrasing the Fintech week Website:

“With a thriving entrepreneurial culture, deep pool of talent, penchant for disruptive innovation, Israel is a globally revered Hitech hub.

A relatively small domestic market means Israeli entrepreneurs focus ideas and product designs to be scalable for the global market”

These conferences give you direct access to the Israeli ecosystem, and to Israeli innovation as well as the key global players and exposure to the very latest ideas, innovations and developments in Tech, helping you to position your business. It’s an opportunity to meet the success stories of tomorrow and learn about the trends and disruptions that will shape the future of the industry.

With a new decade upon us and one that could be truly digital and more disruptive, now is the time to embrace the ongoing Tech Revolution”

So, why I am sharing this with you. I am not a just a passive armchair watcher, but a hands veteran (survivor) of Israel Hitech back in the .com days of about 20 years ago, when I was the CFO and small part founder of STI Ventures, a Venture Fund whose Portfolio invested in a number of high flying Investments and Investors. Not sure, I would publish all the names today including one Investor that is still in the hot seat – Softbank. For those who want to have a look at the past Hitech Hype, have a look at the attached link. .

Fast forward to the Future i.e, Today and I want to share my experience and help Start-ups become a success, With this in mind, I am offering Entrepreneurs, a Start-up Toolkit. I have teamed up with leading Professionals, Experts in their field, and Funders to provide the essential components that Start-ups need:

–             An Idea (I.e Entrepreneurs, founders, and Management Team)

–             Product Validation

–             Technology

–             Business & Financial Plan /Accounting Services

–             Money

For more information, please see or email me at

PS –  It is not only this week in February that one can learn about Israel Hi-tech, but week in week out at the many meetups that take place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. and of course which are a great place to network and enjoy free Food and Beer. Lechaim !!

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