Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Israel must defend itself

It’s that simple

People write about political reasons why Netanyahu is doing this or that.

Forget the politics, look at the facts. Israel is defending itself. Period.

Some want to look at oppressors and oppressed? They want to blame Israel for everything? They are sadly out of touch with reality. They are ignoring the elephant in the room, forgetting the most important, the crucially important overriding issue here. Israel is defending itself.

Why do I keep repeating it? Because people keep forgetting it, or want to forget and overlook it.

So I’ll say it again. Pay attention world. Israel is defending itself.

And the world is starting to pay attention. Western powers (and reportedly, quietly, even Arab leaders) have been supporting Israel. The tide is turning.

Eighty years ago the world was silent. Sometimes they even helped Nazi efforts with the holocaust. But now we see change. We see leaders becoming more sensitive to truth and justice.

Israel is defending themselves. Antisemitism is raising its ugly head? Been there done that. Par for the course. The antisemites can holler and roar and scream and protest all they like. It won’t matter.

Because Israel is defending itself. And with the Almighty’s help, we will succeed.

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