Israel Unfiltered: Gilad Alper of the Freedom Party

This week I hosted founder of the freedom party, Gilad Alper on my YouTube channel, Israel Unfiltered. Gilad is an economist, politician, and creator and head of the only libertarian party in Israel as of now – the Hofesh (“Freedom”) party. Libertarianism seeks to maximize autonomy and political freedom, and minimize the state’s violation of individual liberties. Libertarianism emphasizes free association, freedom of choice, individualism and voluntary association.

I actually have met Gilad before, at various libertarian conferences. I even had the pleasure of hosting him in my home a few years back when he was running with Zehut, where he presented some of the economic goals of the Zehut platform to my community in Pardes Hanna.

Gilad and I discussed an array of different topics. I asked the question – why is the cost of living in Israel so high? To which Gilad replied, due to all of the regulations. To get a work permit, it takes years. To get a building permit, it takes years. We went into the topic of real estate especially, where regulation is a big issue. There is actually no country worse than Israel when it comes to regulation in real estate. Gilad argued that if regulation was lowered, housing prices would decrease as well.

Relevant to recent events, Gilad and I spoke about the recession happening in the US currently. How will it impact Israel and her economy? Investments from the US in the tech industry will plummet, Israel’s most thriving market. Therefore, due to us being very dependent on the US economically, a recession for the US means a recession for Israel.

The topic of cannabis also came up – what are the pros and cons of legalizing it? The libertarian point of view is that the government should be as least involved in the lives of individuals as possible. The government should not have a say in what we do with our bodies. In addition to that, cannabis being illegal is not stopping anyone from using it. Gilad guessed that roughly 30 percent of Israeli adults partake in cannabis use. Cannabis being illegal only makes it lower quality and higher priced. Gilad’s vision is that cannabis can become like alcohol, totally legal to be purchased by adults 18 years and up.

Some other topics we discussed are why people are so opposed to liberty, the Hofesh/Freedom parties purpose and plans, Israel’s education system, and more. It
was a fantastic conversation. Check it out here:

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