Israel vs The Culture of Death

Israel is faced with a serious decision when dealing with a culture that prefers pain, suffering, destruction and bloodshed, rather than peace. As we have seen in the past, the war ends just as soon as there are no more rockets launched from our enemies.

It is a dangerous move to allow our soldiers to enter Gaza, as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are prepared with traps, and have nothing to lose.  Israel must think carefully about what is best for her soldiers, as well as her citizens.

Israel offers way too much information over the radio and television, as Hamas and Islamic Jihad take notice of all the results of their terrorist attacks.

Take time to correct Media sources who describe Operation Protective Edge as an “offensive” operation in Gaza. Send messages to let media know that it is a defensive operation. “An offensive is a military operation that seeks through aggressive projection of armed force to occupy territory, gain an objective or achieve some larger strategic, operational or tactical goal. Another term for an offensive often used by the media is ‘invasion’, or the more general ‘attack'”. Television coverage around the world first shows Gaza under fire and speaks of Arab death tolls, making it look like an offensive attack from Israel, and only after, footage shows damage from rockets fired at Israel. Obviously, no matter what the anchorperson says following the film footage, the listener is left with the impression that the war began with an Israeli offensive, and not with rockets launched from Gaza. In this particular case, Israel’s operation is defensive, as rockets were first fired from Gaza, deliberately targeting civilians, and Israel is responsible for the protection of her citizens by responding to those terrorist attacks. Proportional response or restraint are not going to stop Hamas and islamic Jihad.

We must question any person who supports Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all Arabs who desire to see the destruction of Israel. What if a powerful Native American terrorist organisation emerged and launched rockets into cities in the US, claiming that the US must not exist anymore — how would the US respond? How would France respond if radical Islamists launched rockets into Paris, Nice and Marseille?

Mahmoud Abbas/Fatah is also launching rockets at Israel, as a Times of Israel article shows, and therefore, there is no “peace partner” to speak of. The Left’s “peace process” has come to an end, and Tzipi Livni can now go home and rethink Mahmoud Abbas’ motives.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad members seem to enjoy when they die in struggle (jihad) and in suicide bombings. When one of their children was killed during the launching of a rocker aimed at Israel, then death seemed acceptable.,7340,L-4534231,00.html Where was international outrage and media coverage? If any Arab is killed during an air strike from Israel, we can expect demonstrations, bias reporting and international outrage, even though Israel sends warning to evacuate before an airstrike. Some people, however, choose to stay put and die.‘human-shields’/

The world has gone mad, as some people have lost their sense of right and wrong. Anyone who supports death cults that rule Gaza have got some serious soul searching to do.


About the Author
Michelle Cohen: a pro-Israel activist who runs a weblog named Israeli Frontline. She had kept by-the-minute updates during Operation Cast Lead and Operation Pillar of Defence. She had given updates from Ashkelon on Arutz Sheva's Tamar Yonah Show during Operation Pillar of Defence. Michelle has debated the Arab-Israeli conflict numerous times on VONVO, and was interviewed by Gadi Edelman on Akbar Radio. She occasionally writes her own articles.
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