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Israeli Jew Reacts to the Islamist Doctor

In two previous pieces, 10 Difficult Questions, 10 Easy Answers and Simple Answers to Difficult Questions, I tried to help Israel supporters answer challenging questions being asked in the Western media. I wrote “The hypocrisy of the world might not change but your confidence in supporting Israel can.

In continuing trying to give a voice to the Israeli perspective of this war, I made a running commentary of an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored with the Islamist Extremist Doctor.

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Barak Hullman studied for a PhD in Islamic History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (MA at Princeton). He made aliyah from South Florida in 1995. He lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and their 7 children (all born in Jerusalem). Barak is the author of two books, Figure It Out When You Get There: A Memoir of Stories About Living Life First and Watching How Everything Else Falls Into Place and A Shtikel Sholom: A Student, His Mentor and Their Unconventional Conversations, available at He has two podcasts, Jewish People & Ideas: Conversations with Jewish Thought Leaders (guests have included Yossi Klein Halevi, Michael Oren, Natan Sharansky, Daniel Gordis and others) at and The Chassidic Story Project at   Learn more by going to
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