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Israel’s Perilous Position

At the present time, Israel is in the most perilous position it has ever been.   That includes 1948 when it first came into statehood.  Like now, in 1948 it was surrounded by enemies who wanted to destroy it.  However, in 1948 it had at least one strong supporter, the United States.  Now, Israel is still surrounded by enemies who want to destroy it.  The difference is that its one strong, unwavering ally, the US, has not been so dependable.  I firmly believe that this change in attitude, after over 60 years of staunch support, has occurred either at the direction of or with the concurrence of President Obama.  No other explanation makes any sense.


1. President Obama has allowed his personal dislike for Benjamin Netanyahu to impact his foreign policy toward Israel.  Seasoned politicians and diplomats know that regardless of your personal feelings toward the other person, you conduct your business with him in a professional manner without insults or snide remarks.  Apparently, Mr. Obama doesn’t subscribe to that tenant.  Over the past six years he has repeatedly ignored, “dissed” and criticized Mr. Netanyahu.   For example, he was “too busy” to meet with Mr. Netanyahu at the White House or in NY when Mr. Netanyahu addressed the UN a few years ago.  (As I recall, he was either playing golf or attending a fund raiser.)  In addition, he overreacted, like a petulant child, when Mr. Netanyahu accepted an invitation to address Congress on the Iran nuke negotiations recently.

2. While treating Israel in this manner, the US has been placating Arab terrorists and militant leaders at every turn.  To quote the “Wall Street Journal” in a recent article, Mr. Obama has the “capacity to ‘wish away’ some terrible realities, not the least of which is the Islamist intention to destroy America and enslave the West.”  Mr. Obama famously apologized to the Egyptians for past actions, whatever they might have been; during a visit to Saudi Arabia, he bowed down to the King; he declared a “red line” to Syrian President Assad, which he then ignored when Assad failed to comply; he first ignored, then soft peddled the (“JV”) ISIS terrorists, which have proceeded to take over much of Iraq and Syria and have demonstrated an unlimited capacity for terror and savagery; and he has entered into negotiations with Iran, an untrustworthy, unrepentant sponsor of terrorism, which will likely result in the US’s tacit or explicit concurrence with Iran’s possessing nuclear weapons with the capacity to deliver them.

3. Last, but not least, he has strongly hinted that the US will support a two-state solution to the Palestinian situation. The proposed two-state solution would place a Hamas-controlled entity just a few miles from Israel, which would threaten the very viability of the country.

There have been many other examples, but I think you get the point.


In 1948 President Truman took all of eleven hours after the UN vote to recognize Israel, which set the tone for the rest of the Western world.   Whatever you may have thought of Truman, he was decisive, and he invariably did the right thing.  Can you just imagine the scenario if Obama would have been President back then?  Probably, there would be no State of Israel today.

The US and Israel have had their minor differences through the years, but the US has always been there to support it, and Israel knew it would do so when “the chips were down.”  Now, things are not so certain.  Make no mistake about it, Obama’s actions and inactions toward aggressive, terrorist-sponsoring countries and his attitude toward Israel and its leader, Mr. Netanyahu, have provided loud and clear signals to the Arab states and the rest of the world as well.  In diplomatic circles even subtleties carry significant meaning, and Mr. Obama has been anything but subtle.

His diplomatic policy in the Middle East purports to be even-handed.  Many people doubt that, but even if one were to accept that as the case, what is the rationale and justification.  On the one hand, we have a staunch, loyal ally for over 60 years and the only democracy in the region; on the other hand, we have countries that finance, support and harbor terrorism against the US and the rest of the Western world.   It seems pretty clear what our policy should be and where our support should lie.

Compounding this situation is the fact that formerly outspoken supporters, such as Chuck Schumer and Steve Israel, have been strangely silent.  (Perhaps, Schumer is lying low because he has designs on replacing Harry Reid as minority leader, and he feels that if he speaks out he will lose Obama’s and Reid’s support.  Many people subscribe to that analysis.)  I urge supporters of Israel to lobby their Congressmen or women to put pressure on the Administration.  If not, I fear that (1) the US will agree to a “sweetheart” nuke deal with Iran the result of which will threaten not just Israel, but the whole Western world, and (2) the two-state solution will pass in the UN, which will destabilize the Middle East further and threaten Israel’s very viability as a nation.

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