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Israel’s political ‘Rookie’ season

In any sport, organization, or government, the term ‘rookie’ has either negative or positive cogitations. Or both.

Rookies can be amateur superstars in their particularly venue. And, when they become Pro, that is when the whole world sees their successes or failures. How good they really are under the maximum expectations and pressures.

Or rookies can be an expression for people of little experience, starting in a new position. Depending on the importance or secrecy of the position determines whether success or failure is damaging, and how extensive the damage.

Israel has presently entered that comprehensive ‘rookie’ phase for the first time in their history.

None of the government leadership has experience with dealing with ‘everything’. Nor has any of the government leadership ever been in total command. And, that is entirely new and unfamiliar Israeli governmental territory.

Thus, initially putting more stress, strain and burden on the Mossad, Shin Bet and Israel Defense Forces.

Moreover, the only attribute that seems to be the cohesive glue to the coalition, is ousting Netanyahu. For, none of the parties appear to have the same views, path or goal.

Nevertheless, we wish everyone of them the utmost success.

Therefore, all of Israel’s new leadership need to be on ‘top’ of their game, and perform flawlessly. As the enemies of Israel are watching and it is merely a matter of time until the enemies of Israel fully engage and test Israel’s new leaders and coalition.

Furthermore, as there is an Arab party part of the government, control of sensitive information may enter another new phase: Jewish resistance of Arab knowledge. And, being that Israel is a democracy, the Israel Supreme Court may have to intercede.

Likewise, Netanyahu as the Opposition is nothing compared to the hatred and plans the enemies of Israel plan to unleash against Israel and the Jewish People.

Israel is in tough part of the world, where only power and action are respected and feared. The slightest hesitation, indecision, fragmentation or lack of ‘show of force’ will be immediately met with disdain, followed by vicious attacks.

Many Middle East analysts agree, maybe most analysts agree, this exact time in history, now, is the most dangerous time in the State of Israel’s modern history.

Iran seeking to go nuclear and threatening to annihilate Israel, Hezbollah threatening to attack Israel. Hamas threatening to attack Israel; reported, Israeli Arab potential participation, Palestinian Arab participation, Syria waiting for opportunity, and everything coordinated by Iran.

The next war against Israel will most likely comprise of coordinated ground assaults by Hamas, and every Gaza terror group aligned, Hezbollah and their allies, Syria, Iran, and possibly other surrounding Arab nations, allegedly supported by Russia and maybe China.

The ground assaults will occur instantaneously after the monstrous mortar, rocket and missile bombardment. Additionally, we’re not talking 2000 a day as prior suggested, it is more accurately predicted, based on both Israel and international counts, of ‘thousands’ of mortars, rockets, and missiles every ten to fifteen minutes. Nationwide.

To make matters worse, this reality is besides the dramatic global rise in anti-Jewish, anti-Israel or anti-Semitic assaults, behavior and non-acceptance.

Indeed, there is a lot to overcome.

However, superstars and saviors can come from anywhere, and at any time, and miraculously rise up and massively succeed where others have failed. Despite any odds.

Consequently, in this serious and dangerous great time of need of heroes for the State of Israel, we all pray, hope, and wish only for the best for Israel’s new Prime Minister (PM), Naftali Bennett, and Alternative PM, Yair Lapid, and their coalition, during the enormous challenges ahead.

About the Author
Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author that has been in the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean region since 1992. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But some of his abridged reports have been posted as articles or blogs. Don is also the book author of the international spy and assassin thriller, The Children of Santiago. The story is no fuzzy, cutesy story. Instead, a sobering, blunt, action and psychological account about a military general, Santiago, using child, teen and young adults as spies and assassins. Recruited from international families while on active assignments abroad during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 1990s.
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