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Israel’s Resilience – ‘Israesilience’

This time in my life has taught me the importance of strength and staying resilient.

Indeed, this is what Israel is known for, its resilience, or also known as ‘Isresilience’. I do not know any other country that has been through as many wars as Israel and can still stay resilient.

The country is facing one of its toughest wars yet with over 300,000 army reservists called up, over 1,400 civilians dead and over 240 civilians taken hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

This is a very bad situation and a ceasefire does not seem possible at the moment.

This situation has also shown Israel’s resilience.

Israelis are resilient and strong. They have lived through many wars and are brave.

Even through wars, Israel has still carried on and continues to thrive. People here know what it is like to live and survive through a war.

This is something that I am still learning and I am in the habit of waking up early every day and making sure that there is always water and food in my flat. The days of going out to buy something at the last minute seem to have gone and I am always planning ahead.

Indeed, life goes on in Israel even during the most difficult time. I went to a cafe in Tel Aviv this week and it was full of people sitting and talking like it was any other ordinary day.

At the moment now in Tel Aviv all restaurants, shops and cafes are open. People are going out and sitting in restaurants, carrying on with their daily life.

This shows that Israelis have a strong will. It may be a difficult time but Israel will survive and will not be defeated.

We will not let our enemies destroy us.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Working in the hospitality/travel industry in Israel. Am into spirituality and go to lectures/classes on Jewish mysticism.
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