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These last few days have been almost unbearable. The temperatures raised up to almost 40 degrees Celsius, driving everyone to go to the beach, trying to cool themselves off

Whoever is not able to visit the beach during the middle of the week is finding himself skip from an air-conditioned room to another, seeking shelter from this extreme weather.

The intense heatwave that is striking Israel is suspected to stay more than we would like to admit.

As of tomorrow, there will be a significant increase in temperatures and the humidity percentage will raise with it. The national forecasting service warns the citizens of Israel to expect an unusual dry and hot weather in most parts of the country.

July wasn’t a typical summer month. We surprisingly witnessed a few rainy days at the northern side of the country. A rain at the middle of July is very odd and is probably not a good sign.

The ministry of health tries to keep up by requesting elderly and children to stay home. The exposure to hot dry air could increase Asthma attacks or worsen other health conditions.

Besides harming people, this weather hits earth with all its force. The dry hot conditions have fueled severe wildfires in southern Turkey.

The immediate danger to lives and property is obvious, though there is a vicious circle that happens simultaneously- the high pollution the wildfire produces is worsening the global warming even further than it already is.

According to the global climate summery from NOAA’s national centers of Environmental information (NCEI), the global surface average temperature was almost one degree higher than the 20th-century average, granting June the honor of being the fifth warmest June in the 142-year of climate records.

There are a lot of European countries that go through an extreme hot weather like Romania, while others, such as Poland, need to face thunderstorms.

The climate situation the world is going through is warring, and I’m sure I am not the only one who is concerned things are not heading in the right direction.

On that note, I want to ask my readers to try and do whatever you can to minimize the pollution by saving energy and recycle plastic and non-biodegradable materials.

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