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Je suis sick of this s**t


From 4 years ago, following the November 2015 Paris attacks.

It’s still relevant today. Everywhere.

I’m not right-wing.
I’m not left-wing.
I fly with my own wings.

And I want to say this:

I’m all for tolerance.
But not for tolerating evil in the world.

We are at war and have been for a long time now.
It’s time to end the political correctness and come out and say it:

Radical Islam is the biggest threat freedom faces.

Not America. Not the white man of today. Or the black man. Not the Jews. Not the English or French. Not the rich. Not the poor. Not China. Not capitalists. Not the Christians or the Buddhists or the peace-loving Muslims of the world.

It is radical Islam – and the world, including Muslims, Jews, Christians and atheists alike, must say it. Openly. The fact that world leaders are too afraid of saying it for fear of offending Islam and facing a clusterf**k of epic proportions is horrifying. They must. Look at what is happening.

Say it.

People are changing their Facebook profile pics in solidarity with France and it’s a beautiful thing. I might, too. And saying ‘pray for Paris’ is all very well. But it’s not going to solve anything. It’s not action. Europe is now paying the price for their ignoring a real threat on their doorstep for decades. Radical Islam is now in their streets, their alleys, their clubs and restaurants, their schools and their homes. And what happened yesterday is the result, let alone what happened almost a year ago with the Charlie Hebdo slayings.

This movement, this mindset, this scourge on humanity called radical Islam is growing. Leaders with the guts to call out what the problem really is, are needed. And with the guts to take action. And keep taking relentless action against it.

But first, come out and say it.

Radical anything sucks but we’re not talking about that here today. Radical Islam today is the biggest threat against western civilization since the Nazis in World War 2. What’s the difference? There isn’t one – it’s all about intolerance. Except the Nazis didn’t have a religion to hide behind. The missionaries of radical Islam do and the world doesn’t know how to handle them. Enough lack of resolve. They should handle them.

Deal with the followers of radical Islam. Keep an eye on them. Allow them to come out and express their intolerance for everything that is not radical Islam – whatever they want to say in Hyde Park in London on a Sunday, or in demonstrations inside or outside their mosques. Let them say they want to establish an Islamic Caliphate to rule the world in our streets. But then arrest them. Take them away. Lock them up. I don’t consider myself an extremist. A bigot. I’m not a racist. What’s wrong with saying that? Why is everyone so quiet? Why is everyone saying they’re sad and not angry? Confused when there’s nothing to be confused about?

No one is offending Islam when they say that radical Islam is the definition of intolerance and that the education of it must stop. The poison of radical Islam is being allowed to spread even on social media and the silence and inaction, even here, is deafening.

What happened in Paris in the form of targeting innocents is a daily occurrence not just in Israel, but on the Jewish community around the world by radical Islamists. And everywhere. To the free world, it’s happened so many times we’ve lost track. Hello, 9/11. That was radical Islam. Not politics. Not Bush. Not America and its policies. No – that was radical Islam. And an innocent buddy of mine was on one of the planes that were taken down. Radical Islam, that was the reason for the July 7, 05 London attacks. Syria now. Iraq then and now. Lebanon then and now. Spain Madrid bombings of 2004. Hamas and all their actions past and present. Hezbollah and all theirs. ISIS and their sick game. Boko Haram. Al Qaeda. Knife attacks in the streets and tunnels being dug underground to kill innocents in Israel. The Boston marathon. All radical Islam. Call a spade a spade, already. It’s not a misguided few. It’s a  movement. Coordinated. With a war room in practically every country.

Europe is labeling products coming out of Israel. In a very real sense, marking the Jews. Why marking the Jews? Because Israel is the only country, among 200 nations with territorial disputes, in which the EU has agreed to place consumer labels. It stinks of antisemitism but hey, that’s their focus. Not because it’s right but because – I believe – it’s fear driving them – fear of offending people in their streets. A lot of people in their streets who don’t like the Jews. Shouldn’t they be taking drastic steps to put labels on their own problems in the form of young Muslims being indoctrinated with hate, radicalism, and extremism and the express belief that they should not tolerate any non-believers? All while Europe sits back and does next to nothing about it. And in that time that they’re doing next to nothing about it, all the world will be subject to radical Islam. This is the goal. This is the threat. Label that please. And not just in supermarkets but in government agencies, in schoolbooks, in the media – everywhere. Say it.

Stupid media – say it.

These thugs are explicitly attacking westerners where we live and play. And they’re also attacking their own who do not subscribe to their beliefs where they live and play. What the hell are their own all running away from? Them! The radical Islamists.

It’s time for radical Islam to be dealt with – difficult as it will be, offensive to many as it might seem – it needs to be said. And let the Muslims of the world say it with us, with the rest of the world: “Not in our name!” – and again say it, and again and again and again. From the mosques, in the media, on the streets, in radical Islam’s ugly face.

And we will say it with the peace-loving Muslims of the world loudly:

“No more beheadings. No more gay men being thrown from the rooftops. No more women being sold into slavery and being forced to hide their faces. No more entering other religions’ places of worship and killing worshippers. No more destroying other religions’ ancient places of worship. No more teaching 4-year old’s to hate. No more ‘God is great’ with murder in your eyes instead of something we would embrace: ‘God is great’ with joy and kindness in your eyes.”

As a dear friend of mine said today, I say it too: “I stand, as an Israeli, by all who stand with me against this common enemy. No matter if they are french, Kenyan, Iraqi, British, Yazidi, Turkish, American, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Tunisian, Lebanese or any other people whose blood was spilled by those who sanctify violence and death rather than freedom and life.”

I don’t want to talk about any other extremists or religious perpetrators who have murdered and maimed before in the history of mankind in the names of their religions. I have spoken against them before, my own brothers, and I will surely do so again. But not today. Today, I am pointing the finger at radical. Enough is enough, World. Wake up and stop being so politically correct and take steps no matter how inconvenient it will be for friends and neighbors to hear it.

They should. They must.
We all should and must.


For the sake of freedom.
For the sake of all our children.
For the sake of being able to say something that is so, so very true.
Do not be silent.

Vive la France.

Photo :: Alexi Rosenfeld.

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