Jerusalem Ramming Attack VS. FLL Airport Shooting, and the News Coverage They Both Received (and Didn’t Receive).

It’s sad to wake up to my phone alerts this morning, about the recent attack near the Armon Hanatziv Promenade in Jerusalem; I always dread looking at my phone when there are so many TOI, JPost, Debka, and Haaretz alerts, almost instantly knowing something is going on. What is more upsetting to me, especially after the horrific attack in Fort Lauderdale, is the extraordinary amount of coverage that the FLL Airport attack received all of Friday, but there is no mention of today’s attack in Israel on any major news site or channel (save the AP).

As a proud American, a proud Jew, and a proud Zionist (and a proud Latino, thanks to my Peruvian mom). I am downright angry this morning. I spent all afternoon on Friday paying attention to the news reports out of South Florida, concerned and worried as an American that some of my people have been shot and killed and/or wounded. This news was horrifying and it stirred anger and emotions deep inside.

I am upset this morning, because as a Jew and as a Zionist, my other people have been rammed by a truck and killed and/or wounded in today’s attack in Jerusalem. Where is the media coverage and breaking news reporting on this attack. As I write this I am flipping through all the major news channels on my TV and searching online, but there is no coverage or even mention of today’s attack.

The attack today in Jerusalem – like many others in the Middle East – is being written off as just another Middle East attack, where the casualty numbers are high and noone outside of the region stops to consider or care about the lives lost. Well today my friends, I implore you and encourage you to help me spread the word of today’s attack victims. If the mainstream media won’t cover this vicious ramming attack which killed 4 people, 3 women and 1 man in their 20s, then let’s together spread the word and make sure that the world knows.

The world needs to know that a group of individuals were getting on/off at a bus stop, were on their way to work or home from work, they were texting their friends and Facebook chatting with their lover excited to meet them for an afternoon at the Promenade. Well, my friends, that afternoon never happened, because they were victims of a heinous terrorist attack and crime. The driver of the flatbed rammed and ran over these individuals, and then reversed over the victims. What kind of person would do something like this? How can the world not cover this news? Why is this not shocking or newsworthy enough? How many more of MY PEOPLE, OUR PEOPLE have to die for the outside world to understand?

It’s sad to say and feel, but we as Jews (throughout the world), as Israelis, as Zionists, as human beings, as lovers of peace and pursuers of peace, we must spread the word, let the world know, and ask why this terrible, horrifying news isn’t being covered by mainstream media.

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Warren H. Cohn graduated from Tulane in New Orleans, after going to YOF in Brooklyn. He currently runs HeraldPR, a New York City public relations and digital marketing agency. Warren loves working with start-ups, new businesses & technologies, and most importantly: great people. His firm also specializes in crisis mitigation and communications.
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