Jewish-American Will to Electoral Self-Destruction

Archangel Michael ,Gelati Monastery, circa 1125 AD (Creative Commons, Universal Public Domain)

In a few days, Jewish-Americans are going to take part in an inexplicable assault on themselves—their culture and heritage, their religion and their very future. They do so every two years in November in the United States, with seventy-five percent of the Jewish-American electorate going to the polls to cast their ballots for the party of the BDS movement, the party wishing the worst upon Israel, the party that stands against everything that has held Judaism together over millennia.

Three years ago the Democrat party wondered for a brief moment if making their malice against Jews too obvious might harm them at the polls. They had just installed Keith Ellison—former associate and colleague of Louis Farrakhan—as their Deputy Chair. But calmer heads at the Democratic National Committee who assured everyone that American Jews would vote Democratic no matter who was nominated were proven correct. Indeed, the very next year the same 75% of the Jewish electorate voted as they always had.

Keith Ellison is hardly the only questionable individual insofar as anti-Semitism is concerned holding high office and a leadership position among the Democrats. To the contrary, Linda Sarsour, Al Sharpton, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib head a long list of leaders whose rhetoric one might hear being repeated the next time Jews are chased down and assaulted in the Crown Heights section of New York City.

That Jewish-Americans should choose by such a wide margin the political party that makes plain its distaste for all things Jews hold dear is truly one of the most bizarre political facts of the modern world. Family and children are foundational for Jews, the same Jews incongruously aligned with extremists conducting a non-stop assault on the nuclear family. Judaism is the bedrock of the Jewish people, who nonetheless inexplicably affiliate with the party of atheism, the party whose adherents work to erase “in God we trust” from our money, to remove the Ten Commandments from our courtrooms and statehouses, to side with twisting the law into permitting Satanic monuments to be erected and displayed.

There are no people more law-abiding, self-reliant, decent, honorable and dependable on Earth than Jews, none instilled with a deeper work ethic or a more abiding history of great intellectualism. Yet in scant days they will vote for the party that has instigated and then turned a blind eye to months of anarchistic rioting, arson, store-looting, window-smashing, synagogue-vandalizing, flag-burning, and monument-despoiling having ravaged dozens of American cities.

What is even more incomprehensible is from whom Jewish-Americans will be turning away. There was no president in the history of the United States who ever had a Jewish daughter, a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren—until the current Republican president took office. And the last four years has been nothing short of a renaissance in bringing back respect for Jews. The Republican administration recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and ignored the pained howls from capitals all around the world, standing resolutely and unabashedly with Israel. This same administration has wrought the almost miraculous détente between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, and with quite a few more Arab nations seemingly on the brink of joining in normalizing relations.

And, insofar as Crown Heights is concerned, that is hardly the only place where Jewish-Americans are set upon with impunity by forces that have abandoned them while still somehow inveigling their votes. There has been a veritable scourge of anti-Semitism across “progressive” US college campuses from coast to coast. At Portland State University in 2016 students were captured on video signing up to give money to terrorist organizations for the express purpose of “bombing Israeli schools, hospitals and synagogues.” At New York University the deans at that institution were not only unconcerned about Jewish students being harried, bullied and assaulted on their campus but went so far as to award the organization of their aggressors, the Students for Justice in Palestine, the University President’s Service Award for “outstanding contribution to NYU life.”

No Democrat stepped in to bring an end to such outrages; to the contrary, Democrats fueled the anti-Semitism. Again, it was left to the Republican administration to come to Jewish students’ aid, with President Trump signing an executive order in 2019 to include Jewish students under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

One is constrained to ask then, is science aware of any collective neurosis which can afflict whole peoples with this kind of shared malaise, a dysfunction causing the oppressed to vote for their oppressors? In history are there cases of nations which have simply given up on themselves and opted for communal negativity and defeatism?

Perhaps the Byzantines offer a window into something of that sort of mindset. Suffering through a series of almost unending setbacks after holding sway over a wide section of Eastern Mediterranean lands for over a millennium, the shock of coming to grips with their own lack of invincibility sent the peoples of the Eastern Roman Empire into a long, uncomfortable and pessimistic decline toward their eventual extinction at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD. Prior to the utter collapse there were centuries of bizarre outbreaks of iconoclasm, an inward finger-pointing and degradation of their culture as the alleged cause of their misfortunes at the hands of external foes, divisive hatreds unleashed on supposed internal enemies, and a gloomy zeitgeist which can be seen and appreciated in an instant simply taking in morose Byzantine art with its hauntingly cynical and doubtful look stamped in the eyes of its portraiture.

So for those Jews planning on casting their ballots for the party that despises them, before pulling the voting lever, one would strongly advise taking a quick perusal of the events of May 29, 1453 in Constantinople. When the end came, it wasn’t with a whimper, but with terrible and excruciating cries and shrieks that cause the blood to run cold, and that should cause even blind Jewish eyes to open.

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David Nabhan is a science and science fiction writer. He is the author of "Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology" (2017) and three other books on seismic forecasting.
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