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Jewish Chosenness & Israel’s Land Rights

Rabbi Moshe Taragin, in his most recent Jerusalem Post article, outlines four significant testimonies throughout Jewish history that reaffirm the Jews as God’s chosen people and their rights to the land of Israel. These testimonies serve as historical markers that challenge common perceptions and affirm Jewish destiny.

The first testimony occurred during the time of the Mishkan, the desert sanctuary. Despite betraying their faith shortly after being liberated from slavery, the Jews were forgiven by God and tasked with constructing the Mishkan, which symbolized the possibility of divine forgiveness and reaffirmed Jewish selection even after moral failures.

The second testimony occurred during the Purim episode, approximately 950 years later. Haman, driven by the belief that the Jews had lost their chosen status after exile, attempted genocide. However, the Purim miracle proved that Jewish destiny was still intact, challenging the notion that Jews had forfeited their chosen status after exile.

The third testimony arose in the aftermath of the Holocaust, where the attempted genocide by Hitler raised existential questions about Jewish destiny. However, the eventual return to Israel and recognition by institutions like the Catholic Church affirmed that Jewish history continued despite immense suffering and persecution.

The fourth testimony is currently emerging as Israel faces broad challenges to its right to exist and its claim to its ancient homeland. Rabbi Taragin highlights that Israel’s right to exist is being challenged, with some denying Jews’ historical connection to the land and portraying them as colonial invaders. However, he argues that Israel’s existence is not just about preserving Jewish survival but is also about reclaiming their ancient homeland granted by God.

In Rabbi Taragin’s words, “This is our ancient homeland which God has delivered to us. We are not exploitative colonizers but a peaceful nation returning home, seeking goodwill and aspiring to share prosperity with our neighbors.” This statement encapsulates the essence of the fourth testimony, which asserts not only Jewish chosenness and eternal destiny but also the inherent right of Jews to live in their ancestral land.

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