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The pro-Hamas spokespersons around the world, and now in the United States, continue to spew their vitriol with well-worn accusations totally lacking in truth.

It is not uncommon to hear the term “Israeli occupation” and “violence against Palestinians” without any information being given as to what that means.

Israeli does not occupy any land which does not belong to the Israeli nation, or which has been allocated to any other people.

A short history of the Middle East teaches that Israel has always been occupied by the Jews, even when they were murdered and chased out of the land by various occupiers such as the Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans, the Ottoman Turks, and others.

The information is quite clear that there was always a Jewish majority in the land which the Romans named Palestine, after the Philistines.

Just as importantly, subsequent to World War I, when the Middle East fell under the domain of the allies, rather than the Turks, the League of Nations, including the United States which was not even a member of the institution, apportioned to the Jews a national homeland which included present day Israel, the West Bank of the Jordan River, Gaza, Sinai, and Jordan. All of that was to be a national Jewish homeland. A speech by Winston Churchill in 1922 is worth listening to. Churchill reiterated that there is no question that the land known as Palestine was Jewish, belonged to the Jews, and had always been occupied by the Jewish people.

Two years later, in order to satisfy the possible western need for oil, Jordan was split off from the Jewish homeland and given to the Hashemite Arabs as a “gift.” The Hashemites are a tiny minority in Jordan, and rule over their Muslim Arab brothers, many thousands of whom they have killed as well.

Even prior to World War II, there was talk of partitioning the rest of Palestine between Jews and Arabs. The Jews always accepted the plan, no matter how much or little land it gave to them. The Arabs never accepted the idea of a non-Muslim presence in the Middle East and continuously waged war against the Jews, murdering Jews throughout the land of Palestine.

In 1948, the Jews did not seize Arab lands. Quite to the contrary. A number of Arab nations, newly established in the Middle East, waged war against the reborn Israel and attempted to drive all the Jews into the sea. Jewish settlements and communities were attacked mercilessly.

The Arab invaders told their people to leave their homes, because they would return to all of Palestine. The Jews barely survived the 1948 war, their weapons having been embargoed by the United States. Israel basically had little to fight with, except their own human flesh.

In 1948, the Jews lost the old city of Jerusalem. Every Jew in that city either had to leave or was murdered. There was no sympathy for the Jews.

It was Jewish land that was seized by Arab nations in 1948, not the other way around. Further, Israel provided room within its new country for Arab communities, and they are still present. I have been to places like Ramla in which Jews and Arabs live together peaceably.

The Arabs did something else totally heinous. They established internment camps for their own people, who they caused to flee from Palestine. Those open-air prisons, established by the Arab nations, were created as breeding grounds for terrorism. It worked well. Rather than resettling Arabs within the 30 Arab countries which exist, the Arab world did their best to create, train, and exploit terrorism. The emails and texts of Yahya Sinwar now reveal that the strategy of Hamas was to have as many civilian casualties inflicted upon their own people as possible.

When a million Jews were kicked out of Arab countries, some killed as well, they were resettled by Israel rather than being placed in breeding grounds for terrorism.  No nation has exploited its own people, to create monsters against humanity, the way the Arab world has. That is the truth.

There are those who claim that there are “innocent Palestinians.” Unfortunately, Hamas does not tolerate “innocent” Palestinians. The Hamas supporters within Gaza helped to rape, murder, and mutilate Jews on October 7th. Palestinians within Gaza have hidden hostages and abused them.

Frequently, those that hate Israel and the Jewish community hide behind the concept of free speech. Free speech does not permit groups to close down highways and roads and to prevent shoppers the weekend before Christmas from visiting neighborhood stores. Free speech means reasonable time and place restrictions, including protesting in areas that will not disrupt business, commerce, roads and highways. Those who think otherwise are simply using the First Amendment as an excuse to promote their agenda of transforming America into a Sheria state.

Those who support Hamas talk about “peaceful” protests. Those protests have locked Jews in classrooms, resulted in violence against members of the Jewish community, have resulted in the disruption of commerce, and resemble the pogroms against Jews that have taken place throughout Europe over the centuries.

None of those whose hearts bleed for Hamas and their followers have a word to say about the 300,000 Black Christians and native Africans murdered by Arab Muslims from North Africa. Not a tear for the 2.7 million displaced Black Africans who are the victims of Muslim genocide in Africa or elsewhere.

There are those who object to the United States selling weapons to Israel. They would prefer that Israel be defenseless in the face of those who proudly proclaim their gas chamber mentality. Just listen and read to the social media of those today in the United States who are promoting genocide against the Jews.

The so-called “peaceful protectors” in the United States never talk about the hostages held by Hamas and supported by the Palestinian people. Speaking of war crimes, the taking and holding of hostages for military advantage is an unimaginable war crime. Fighting to defend oneself and attempting to free hostages are not war crimes.

It seems no matter how many times the facts are presented, the demons are Israel, its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Americans who support the survival of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu is not everyone’s favorite politician. There is no politician who ever has 75 or 100% of popular support. Not even Ronald Reagan could pull that off.

Israel is a robust democracy, the kind that has never been seen in the Middle East and will never be seen again. There is no other true democracy in the Middle East.  There are no rights for protesters, gay people, the transgender community, or African Americans in any Muslim Arab country.

There are many principled and thoroughly decent Muslims such as Soloman Rushdie. The famous author has had to live in hiding, because a Fatwah was issued against his life. He has had acid thrown in his face by other Muslims who do not approve of his views. That is the way Hamas and its leadership works.

It is time to call out those who can only find criticism for Israel, as well as the Jewish and Christian community which supports that great nation. They either knowingly support genocide against the Jewish people, the holding of hostages, and sexual violence against women or they are so lacking in knowledge that they simply repeat the propaganda of those who seek the destruction and downfall of western civilization.

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Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.
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