Karma, Fleas and Understanding Actions Have Consequences

This blog is in response to Yosef Blau’s TOI blog entitled, “American Jewry faces a quandry but does it know it?”

Yes Yosef, we know it.

But we remember when, who, and what created that rift.

The rift was created when a vast majority of Israelis openly supported Donald Trump in his runs for the presidency. While many American Jews understood the risks Trump posed to their religious liberties, their freedoms, their lives and to the destruction of their democracy. It seemed Israelis didn’t understand or care about our existential problem. As antisemitism rose to new heights in the States, American Jews wondered, “When the hell are Israeli leaders going to pound the crap out Donald Trump and tell the world, we care about our brethren in America.”

Well, it didn’t happen!

But American Jews know two things about dogs: That Karma is a bitch and if you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

Don’t expect a flea-bitten Israel to be sprayed by American Jewish fingers pressing down on a can of bug repellant.

It ain’t going to happen.


Because in 2024, which is just around the corner, American Jews don’t know if the vast majority of Israelis and their Prime Minister will lend their support or remain silent in support of Donald Trump.

And if that happens, of course, the rift or the gulf will grow. Both Israeli and American Jews understand that actions have consequences.

Perhaps, Yosef should write another blog entitled, “Israeli Jews face a quandary but they don’t know it.”

I hope Yosef does.

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