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Kiss my Pyongyang

Right about now, Iran is studying North Korea's success in doing damage simply by making threats

So it turns out that Jews actually DON’T control Hollywood. It’s actually been Kim Jong Un all along.

Look, this whole fracas over Franco and Rogen is serious business. It’s not just about North Korea or a movie that most people probably weren’t going to see anyway. Bowing to terrorism always goes beyond the initial issue, because other terrorists see the success of these North Korean bullies and start planning their own “fun” activities.

Consider this — a group of hackers effectively cost Sony Pictures all the potential revenue from a movie that cost $42 million to make and another $34 million to promote. They did this without firing one bullet, setting off one bomb, building a single tunnel or launching even one measly Qassam rocket. Keep in mind that the US Department of Homeland Security still claims there is no credible threat of violence related to this situation! They brought an entire film industry to its knees with the same ease you and I launch a new Facebook page.

The new Lord of Hollywood
The new Lord of Hollywood

You think Hamas isn’t taking notes on this? Hezbollah? Iran?

It’s that last one that should concern you most. There is a reason why a bloated buffoon like Kim Jung Un must be taken seriously, despite having never actually followed through on a single threat to bring nuclear holocausts to Washington and Seoul. Nor did his father for that matter. Contrast this with where a similarly bellicose Saddam Hussein is today.

Now I ask you this, if you are the Grand Ayatollah of Iran, who is your model for success? The obnoxious jerk with the nuclear weapons, who gets to ruin Christmas for the Great Satan…or the macho, but ICBM-less military dictator who spent the last free year of his life in a “spider hole” and is currently worm food.

The FBI has already pinned this on the North Korean government. Yet rather than declare a zero tolerance policy for terrorism (whether cyber or physical) against its citizens, the United States government left Sony and the movie theaters to fend for themselves. Now they must answer to a foreign terror government, who gets to dictate what movies we see in America.

It seems like…well…the plot of a movie that you would walk out on because it was based on such a ludicrous premise!

So now Hamas, ISIS, al Qaeda (or whatever they call themselves these days), the bad guys on Homeland — they all know precisely how to move their agenda forward. Oh, this movie has a villain who screams “Allah-uh Akbar” before blowing himself up? THREATS. Raunchy sex scene offends a bunch of angry men in a cave in Afghanistan? THREATS. New protest song about the sad state of affairs for women in the Middle East? THREATS.

No need to follow up on any of these threats, just call it in and your insane cause gets instant gratification. This is not a good road for us to go down AT ALL.

And while we can laugh at the North Korean hackers all we want and tell Kim Jong Un to #KissMyPyongyang, the sad truth is that we gave into his intimidation. It should have never gotten to the point where movie theaters felt they had to decide between airing a movie and public safety. Our government should have declared right from the beginning of the hacking situation that it would defend its citizens against all terrorist threats, be they via bombs or computers.

Terrorism, intimidation and bullying must be confronted and rejected at every opportunity, whether the source is Palestinian, Iranian or North Korean. If you support Israel, you must support Seth Rogen and James Franco against the threats from North Korea. It’s that simple.

Not only has Rogen been an outspoken advocate for Israel this year, but North Korea has a nasty history of working with Iran and supplying the thugs of Hamas with weapons. Now they’re also supplying them with best practices in terrorism as well! Again, it’s like the plot to a movie you wouldn’t believe if it was fictional.

And if we can’t get our act together soon, we won’t need spoilers to tell us how this story is going to end.


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